It's the Hypocrisy of it all Stupid!

I normally don’t do posts in rapid succession, but this is a follow on of my “McCain should have went with Mitt” post.

On several sites, blogs, message boards, etc. Conservatives just don’t get why people are “attacking” Governor Palin as McCain’s choice for Vice President.

It’s the Hypocrisy Stupid! Plain and Simple:

#1 Obama is too young:

Obama – 47

Palin – 44

#2 Obama is too inexperienced:

Obama – Obama has twenty years of experience as a leader, community organizer and constitutional scholar. He has Eleven years of experience in elective office. He spent eight years in the Illinois Senate, four years in the US senate, three years as a community organizer. He worked for a civil rights law firm specializing in neighborhood economic development, he taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago and has also worked as a financial analyst. He is also an accomplished author. Obama’s record as a senator is impressive, he has served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Committee of Veterans Affairs, the Committee for Health, Education Labor and Pension and the Committee of Homeland Security and Governmental affairs. He has sponsored or co-sponsored 570 bills in the 109th and 110th Congress (15 of which have become LAW). He has introduced amendments to 50 bills (16 were of which were adopted by the Senate). These bills reveal the decency of his character: Energy Efficiency and Climate Change (25 bills); Health care (21 bills) and public health (20 bills); Consumer protection/labor (14 bills); The needs of Veterans and the Armed Forces (13 bills); Congressional Ethics and Accountability (12 bills); Foreign Policy (10 bills); Voting and Elections (9 bills); Education (7 bills); Hurricane Katrina Relief (6); The Environment (5 bills); Homeland Security (4 bills); Discrimination (4 bills), has been campaigning almost 2 years managing one of the largest campaign budgets and staff in history, efficiently and effectively defeating some of the most known and powerful people in his own party.

Palin – Palin who has been a governor for less than 20 months, previously served as the major of a small town of 6,500, Wasilla, whose headline news sampling ranges from the winner of the local 79 pound cabbage contest to an altercation at the local intersection. Neither matches the size or budget of anything Obama has been involved in or managed, except for when he was a community organizer. Palin has been quoted to say, “I haven’t really focused on the war in Iraq…” or the classic, “I don’t know what a VP does.”

#3 Family Values:

GOP – Party of family values, Christianity, etc. the self-proclaimed moral party. They believe in abstinence, are anti-premarital marriage, anti-contraception, etc.

Palin – believes in all of the above…..ACCEPT, she just had a special needs baby, but decided to run for VP, she’s been in office less than 2 years and is already being investigated for abuse of power, she has a child that is 5 months pregnant.

These three things among many others is what gets under everyone’s skin. Sure, Sarah Palin may be a good person and yes everyone has family issues. But it’s the hypocrisy of this whole thing. Palin whole heartedly supports all these right-wing, Conservative, Evangelical, issues, yet we can’t see the example in her life. It’s one thing to be a personal hypocrite, but when you want to legislate beliefs you don’t even practice that pisses people off.

Furthermore, John McCain has been making age and experience an issue for the longest as well as judgment, yet he picks a candidate that is even more so than Obama, and has many issues to boot, has only met Sarah Palin once or twice before, etc. and appears to be rolling the dice with this pick. How could he pick someone with this many problems to step in and be Commander in Chief should he win and can’t serve? With all the problems America has right now, he wants us to believe that Sarah Palin has enough experience to run this nation at home and abroad with her resume? Hell, he should have just picked any soccer mom in DC, she would have had ovaries too and would at least know the layout of the city! Talk about judgment and putting his country first.

But this isn’t even about Obama versus Palin because He is running for the #1 spot. The real question is how she stacks up against Joe Biden. Who’s more equipped for the #2 spot? What will happen if the media compared them two together?

Palin daughter’s pregnancy stirs strong emotions from iReporters


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