McCain goes the Affirmative Action Route….

McCain picks Alaska Gov. Palin as running mate

CNN is reporting that Senator McCain has chosen Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as his VP running mate and this is a shame…..

I hope women don’t fall for this, I mean it could have be worse, he have picked a black person, but it should be quite obvious what McCain is trying to pull here.

What’s more insulting than anything, is to suggest that women will just vote for a women as because one is chosen is foolish and insulting. Even though I disagreed with Clinton supporters for months, the one constant was that Senator Clinton at least has the experience for the top and second executive positions.

What does the Alaskan Governor bring to the ticket? Talk about hypocritical double-talk, she is only 44, has only spent barely 2 years as a governor, yet the McCain campaign and the GOP love to talk about Obama’s “inexperience”. Where is her experience on the economy? What about foreign policy?

Let’s call this what it truly is, pandering and it’s very dishonorable of Senator John McCain to think that Americans and especially American Women are so stupid that they would only vote for any women he picked. He could have at least tried to fake it and chose a women with a thicker resume and with some real experience.

I truly expected more from John McCain, I guess he has shown that the old McCain has died and Karl Rove’s protege’ is earning his paycheck having successfully created a new John McCain.

What’s going to be interesting to see is how the GOP and the McCain supporters will spin this and try to justify this inexperience when that’s been their number one argument against Obama.

If the President was to God forbid become unable to carry out their duties the VP is supposed to take over. We are all certain Senator Biden can, but what about Governor Palin?

At least if he went with Romney, Ridge, or some of the other candidates, we could have a real, substantive, policy debate, but it’s obvious that the McCain campaign believes that he can just pander his way into office.


One Comment

  1. “The old McCain has died” – that’s right!

    I can’t really come up with any other explanation for his campaign’s choice here except for what you said. The “news” has been repeating those polls all week showing what Clinton’s supporters will do, a surprising (idiotic) many are going for McCain, there’s only one reason for that as well.

    This feels like a set-up…


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