I have a Dream 45 years later?

45 years ago today, America witnessed one of it’s most historic and sacred moments. 45 years ago today America heard a Dream that began a course of change in which many of it’s elements will be realized tonight.

Tonight, 45 years after the historic march on Washington, DC where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called America to account for it’s sins and gave us the historic revelation of a Dream, Barack Obama will accept the nomination of President from the Democratic Party.

For the first time in America a man of color has been chosen to by a major party to potentially move on and lead this nation in it’s highest office.

Many people died, marched, and struggled in many ways 45 years ago never knowing that America would see this day so soon. Who knew that 40 years later since our modern Moses, Dr. MLK was murdered, that a Joshua would be poised to take this nation to the next level.

Today is truly a great day to be an American. No matter what happens this election cycle, we have to bear witness to the great strides we have made as an American people.

45 years ago blacks were under the threat of lynchings, church bombings, institutionalized segregation, and many other profane evils too great to describe and too much of a burden to on the heart to reflect, but today a black man who was just a baby during the Dream, will stand today poised to show the world that with all her fault America is still the beacon of Hope, Change, and Dreams.

Tonight in front of over 75 thousand in person and millions watching all over the world, the words and Dreams of Dr. King will began to be more succinctly realized and history will be made.

Tonight will not be just a moment in black history or a time for blacks to rejoice, but tonight will be a night for all Americans to come together, realize our greatness, and remember the Dream.

I Have A Dream Speech

delivered 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Obama reaches next milestone on symbolic anniversary

Tears of joy accompany Obama nomination

Obama makes history as Democratic nominee



  1. The only problem is that Barack is BI-RACIAL and NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN. His mother was white and his father was a true African. I wish people would recognize that fact and quit trying to write history the way they want it.


  2. Just Beyond the Horizon

    In some ways, he is standing
    on their shoulders, fulfilling
    their dreams, his dream
    made real, in this moment
    this fragment of time

    Their histories converging, joining
    two speeches, one this night
    one just beyond the horizon
    just outside my memory,
    beyond his memory too
    those forty-five summers ago

    Turning a page, on our nation’s history
    unimaginable that day
    alive in this special night
    both giving voice to their hope
    their faith, their prayer for this land

    Their words echoing, ringing
    merging in our minds, our hearts
    a dream, a journey, a down-payment
    inexorable progress, committed now,
    like water through a crack in a dike
    a torrent, open waters, living
    freedom achievable for our people
    coming for our people, even if,
    just beyond the horizon still

    August 28, 2008
    on the Presidential Nomination acceptance speech by Barack Obama,
    the I Have a Dream speech by the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
    on August 28, 1963, and the comments on NPR today of
    Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-DC, and
    Representative John Lewis, D-GA


  3. Let skin color, religious preferences, or any differences that humans already have – ever, ever come between us… the American people, ever again. May this day mark a historic occasion for all humanity, as this great country has always been an amalgam of the best in ever country on this planet, and is therefore a beacon of light, a beacon of hope, to aspire to change the course of humankind in a better direction, and to make tomorrow a better day than yesterday. Look forward, with half an eye on the past. A man like Barack Obama comes along every once in a great while, but let us sieze the moment together, and take advantage of the opportunity that has been granted to us. Elect Barack Obama as our next President of the United States of America. Get out the vote, and change the course of the world.


  4. I must congratulate our country on this great step forward.

    The next one is to take another step and nominate one of my mother’s people. Unfortunately there are less than forty left….they killed most of them before the turn of the twentieth century.


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