Not Ready to be President?

What the heck does this mean? If I hear that phrase one more time, I’m going to explode! I’m beginning to think that this phrase is nothing more than a key phrase with deeper, nefarious, underpinnings.

Think about it for a minute:

Who is truly ready to be President of the United States other than a former President?

It really doesn’t matter the candidates background, no one is prepared or ready to be the President until they become one. The job is not like being any other politician. Sure some are closer than others like Mayor or Governor, but none are no where near the size, scope, and importance of the office of the President.

Most of the time we elect Governors because they are similar in scope now we have a choice between two Senators, so neither of them have the background similar to the top Executive.

But why is this allegation only levied at Barack Obama and no other politician?

I’m firmly convinced it’s just a code phrase for “I’m not ready/comfortable voting for a black guy”. If it had been any other candidate, this would solely be a debate about policy. However, every other thing has been levied about Obama outside the obvious and the GOP and others know exactly what they are doing.

They are trying to scare the hell out of white people. They talk about religion, name, relationships, and BS like “patriotism”, and of course “ready to be President”.

The truly sad thing is that there are people who buy it. In this day and age we still have people that won’t vote their interests because of a man’s skin color.

I just wish they would stop lying. Just say you won’t vote for a darkie so we can at least get accurate polling numbers!

To be perfectly honest, no candidate that ran this cycle in both parties were ready to be President. The only candidate close enough would be Hillary Clinton and that’s only because she was a two term first lady. The rest is just a difference in policy and legislative experience none of them have ever been President and therefore have no edge on anyone else, they are/were all just as ready as the next guy.

Let’s just be honest, the only reason why Barack keeps getting this accusation is because he’s a black guy who might just be President over a bunch of backward white people and they are scared to death.

I mean what do they think is actually going to happen? This is just as stupid as every other moment in white American history when they protested blacks doing the same as them. Can’t sit next to them: Guess they might turn black, Can’t drink from the same fountain: Guess the water would turn to poison, Can’t be in the same school: God forbid they might get educated…..etc. etc. etc.

The only real difference between then and now is at least many of the people when they were younger and their parents and grandparents had the courage to at least be upfront, open, and honest in their idiocy.

Today we play word games and try to hide our evil minds and hearts, because that is exactly what those feelings are, and they should be ashamed about their feelings.


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