Well now that we know it’s Joe Biden….

I have to admit I’m a “little” disappointed.  I feel like a hypocrite of sorts because I recently wrote that the best choice for Obama was Biden or Clinton.  However, after my 3 am text it wasn’t until then that I realized all the while I really wanted Hillary Clinton to be picked.  Granted, I have been one of the most vocal people against Clinton, but at the end of the day as an Obama supporter I want him to win.  On a more principled level, I wanted his selection to be dynamic, big, out of the ordinary, you know something that resembles change.  In the end, however he went the safe route and picked Biden who has been in Washington for almost 35 years!

As I thought more about it, it would have been really huge to see the first black man and a woman as the President and Vice President.  I really wanted to see the Democratic party completely unified and Obama crush McCain as he would have won the majority of women, black, latino, young, old, and middle class voters.  I wanted to see President Clinton on the stump debating the economy and the Democrats in general, owning the economy.

It would have said a lot about Obama and change if he would have chosen his chief rival as his running mate.  It would have said to America and the World that he knows how to work with anyone no matter how heated the divisions are.  I fear that he hasn’t done enough and it’s politics as usual.  I’m not sure if there is a lot of change in this choice.

Now with Joe Biden it’s going to have to be a fight.  The party is still going to have to fight for unification.  The debate is going to be all about foreign policy and not the economy which is John McCain’s weakest point.

In the end, I just don’t get it.  Hillary was the best choice in my humble opinion.

Tensions boil between Obama-Clinton camps

*The above article is now being cited as false by both campaigns….I will believe it when I see it*


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  1. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. That should be Barracks campaign slogan. What is the right trail for Obama to take? Everyone’s pushing him in different directions. I am excited about his choice for vp. Who’s to say that if he did chose Hillary that we would all be happier with his decision? And those are the key words “his decision”. If he would have followed the trail everyone had set out for him it could have possible been catastrophic…well, maybe it wouldn’t be that serious, but heads were definitely going to turn. We still have division in the Democratic Party because of the wedge caused by the heated primaries. Who in the heck wants division in the white house after these past 8 years? I would NOT be able to take another four years of confusion, anarchy and down right stupidity.


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