I can’t take it anymore, can I please get my text Obama?

I know just like the rest of the world I am watching my text message inbox like a crazy person.  It’s gotten so bad I’m looking at my iPhone (shameless plug) every other minute hoping for something.  I wish people would stop texting me, because my nerves are shot.

The thing that has me worried the most is that Obama will pick the wrong person.  In my humble opinion and I know it’s crazy coming from me, I believe the right choice right now is Senator Clinton.  For all my trash talk, now that reason has entered my mind, I can’t think of a better choice.  My next pick would be Senator Biden.

Anyone besides those two would hugely disappoint me and my trust in the Obama campaign.  What Obama needs right now is someone who can take it to the Republicans and be in their natural element.  Someone who can roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty and fight to November.  The Clintons, because you would be getting two for the price of one are the best in the business.  Biden isn’t one to pull punches either.

Evan Bayh is just too boring, Tim Kain is too….well….and everyone else just isn’t exiting at all.  An Obama/Clinton or Biden ticket would be a game changer and put McCain on his toes.  I would love to see him have to backtrack on Clinton considering all the kissing up he did to her supporters.  She would be the ultimate Trojan Horse because their isn’t much the Republicans can say that they haven’t in the past, plus McCain in his desperation to get her voters damaged that strategy by talking about her as if she was his VP.  Biden would be more entertaining than anything but would be able to handle the tough questions with old pro ease.

Please Obama don’t mess this up and stop with the text game, just let us know already!

Obama notifies candidates on shortlist


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