Why Shouldn't I support Barack Obama?


I decided to reverse engineer this post if you will. This question is intended as a response to all my well-intended readers who have told me that they like my blog, but don’t think I should support Obama or question it to say the least.

The majority of the comments come from the Black and Muslim communities and many have given ample reasons why they question my allegiance to Obama, but none have really answered the big, huge, greatest question of them all: IF NOT OBAMA WHO?

I have heard it all: He doesn’t respect the Muslims, he blindly supports Israel, he’s window dressing, he’s just another politician, he doesn’t care about black issues, etc.

Even if any of that was true remotely, which I disagree with by the way, then who should I vote for?

Those of you who criticize my support of Obama, do you suggest that I vote for McCain instead, or worse not vote at all?

For a year plus now I have labored over the question of who I support and why and finally ended up with Obama in the end. Not because I agree wholeheartedly with every policy or idealogical leaning he has, but because I believe he is the best candidate to lead America at this time.

It’s not that I don’t like Senator McCain. I’m a veteran on principle alone I am more closely aligned with him, HOWEVER I don’t not feel that a military solution is what’s best for America right now.

Like I have said many times before, my support for Obama rests principally on many of the intangibles that he possesses, such as Judgment, Leadership, the ability to think outside the box, the willingness to try new things, the ability to admit shortcomings, and the willingness to seek advice from multiple sources. These are the things that I believe our next President must possess.

When I look at the two platforms I do in fact see change when it comes to Obama’s. Did anyone know that he has a plan for prison reform? Did anyone know that he has a plan in place for Presidential policy transparency? He even has a plan to ensure that his cabinet is composed of people from diverse political backgrounds and parties. These three things alone suggest that he has a mind based on reform and trying new solutions to old problems. Senator McCain on the other hand has many of the same standard GOP policies that have failed us these last two terms, give or take one or two new additions. Everything he and the Bush Administration mocked Obama for, they are now doing. Remember when He and Bush made fun of Obama for wanting to talk to Iran? Guess who’s engaging Iran as I type this? Remember recently when John McCain mocked Obama for his line about tire pressure? Guess who’s supporting that idea now?

There are many reasons to support Obama one of the biggest that I often don’t talk that much about is the intangible called IMAGE. It’s the God honest truth, perception and image go along way in building relationships, partnerships, and shaping policy. America leaves a bad taste in the world’s collective mouth these days, not to mention her own citizens. After years of collective negative images and perceptions about America, it should be no doubt in anyone’s mind at this point that electing Obama right now would completely 360 that opinion. I don’t want to make this a racial thing, but I would personally love to see the nails began to be hammered into the coffin of Americas racial issues. I would love to see the hope in all the world’s children’s eyes as they realize that in the greatest nation on Earth you can be anything you put your mind out to be.

In short, an Obama Presidency will pay in huge dividends long after he’s gone. So to put it bluntly if I were placing bets for the future of America and the World, I will cash my chips in on Obama, I believe he will garner a greater return than John McCain.

Now, Obama has his flaws I could probably fill another post with them, HOWEVER, compared to John McCain and the future of our nation and the world, I will take my chances. McCain could be a good President for a term. I would’nt expect much change, Iraq would get “better” we would still be there and in Afghanistan. We might end up locking horns with Iran, the rest of the world would still hate us, and things would be pretty much like they are now. He will leave office with nothing major to report. Obama even with his flaws would set the pace for a global initiative and engagement that would see hostilities fall, terrorism recruitment suffer, the economy recover, etc. and even after he leaves office the next generation of politicians will be more energetic, hopeful, and have new ideas, because the youthful, diverse, grassroots he would has build will continue on into the future.

My point is, we can criticize my support for Obama, but understand that I would rather support him than McCain. Who do you support and why?


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