Hillary Clinton for Vice President?

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Any of you who have read my blog in the past know without a shadow of a doubt that I don’t care much for Senator Clinton.  Be that as it may and I know it’s a shot in the dark, but could the Obama campaign be looking for a shock and awe convention by announcing Senator Hillary Clinton as the Vice President?

It has been recently announced by the Obama campaign that President Bill Clinton will give a convention address before the Vice Presidential nominee whoever that may be on Wednesday night with Obama accepting on Thursday.  It was previously announced that Senator Clinton would be speaking Tuesday at a to be determined time Aug. 26 is the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote in 1920 the anniversary of women in America getting the right to vote.

Now I don’t claim to be knowlegeable about politics, but it would seem that this could be the case.  Common political strategy would indicate that Obama would have announced his VP before the Olympics as they don’t end until the day before the Democratic Covention.  This led many to believe that he would announce Senator Evan Bayh this past Wednesday because the Olympics started today.  That of course didn’t materialize.

That leaves Obama with two options:

1.  Announce during the Olympics and risk minimal news coverage

2.  Wait until the convention

I think they are going for option number 2.

The reason I’m leaning toward the “Clinton Surprise” as it would end up being known as, is due to the “odd” facts emerging about the Clinton prime time takeover of the convention.  Granted, the days don’t add up.  Monday would likely be the Vice nominee, Tuesday Hillary, Wednesday Bill and the Vice nominee and Thursday Obama.  With so much Clinton why not shift around a little and let Bill speak before Hill?  It would be a perfect 1- 2 punch.

Furthermore, with the Obama campaign completely killing the “hope” for some of the “dream ticket” and that being the last thing on everyones mind, now would be the opportune time to do it anyway, shocking the world, and making this convention the most history by far as the first woman Vice President and first black President could be nominated on the anniversaries of women’s suffrage and Dr. Martin Luther Kings “I have a Dream” speech.

That image alone would pay in dividends and secure an Obama Presidency.  Not to mention that the Clinton’s know how to fight and could take it to McCain hard and furious.  Yes the Republicans would unite, but the Clinton’s are veteran GOP fighters who showed this cycle they know how to get down and dirty with the best of them.

Maybe it’s just me and probably the last person alive who thinks this, but I’m not ruling out a Clinton surprise just yet.  Besides, who else could we get exited or very “emotional” good or bad about as a VP?


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