Articles of Interest: Obama and Muslims

It’s only a cartoon! But Obama adds that New Yorker cover insults Muslims

You all know the story by now, but the one thing I would like to add is that this cover doesn’t just insult Muslims, but black women in general. The way they characterize Michelle Obama in this cover is also telling. I understand that this was meant as satire and I’m not mad at the New Yorker, but what continues to anger me is that there is nonsense out there that they have to satirize.

This is why I will continually repeat that if Muslim and Black Americans do not get our heads out of the sand, unify and produce agenda’s that benefit our respective groups, this type of crap will continue. They sure as heck couldn’t get away with this if the caricature was Jewish and soon, Latino.

Obama Steers Clear of Michigan Muslims He May Need to Win State

More proof. Muslims we have allowed ourselves to become a weak “wedge” issue. So much so that Obama has to constantly dance around with us as if we are some sort of political disease. The truth: We are. However, if we had numbers we could garner the respect worthy of any other American.

Since When is Muslim a Smear? :: A Deeper Look at the New Yorker Obama Cartoon ::


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