McCain's Military Service as a political issue

Look, I’m going to keep this brief.  The Republican spin machine is all over this one and they are lying through their teeth!

No one is questioning John McCain’s military service, they are blatantly stating that he shouldn’t politicize it as proof that it makes him better suited as President.

It’s the same thing Rudy Giuliani did, no one ever questioned his presence during 9/11, just stating that he shouldn’t politicize it.  Every thing that came out his mouth was 9/11 this, 9/11, that.

These other vets are just telling McCain to not do the same thing, POW this, POW that.

However, if you listen to the talking points and the misguided media, you would think that Gen. Wesley Clark, Senator Webb, and others are actually debating his military service as the GOP did to Senator Kerry last election.

There is a huge difference.

It’s one thing to acknowledge one’s service as all Democrats have done for McCain.

It’s totally another to tell that same person that I acknowledge your service, but don’t politicize it for some kind of gain.

Which is what is exactly happening.

What this is doing is cheapening McCain’s service as a political ploy, much like when Guiliani did the same with 9/11 and that is the real tragedy, because neither should be regarded as politics as usual.

Hopefully, we can see through this little game the GOP and the McCain campaign are starting to play.

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  1. Then I guess that would also make me an expert, Senator Webb an expert, General Clark an expert, John Kerry, and many others.

    Surely you can’t be that blind?

    Your just spitting out a talking points and rhetoric that make no sense at all, in order to promote your site.

    Either this post points out those like you, who don’t understand the issues, just vote on emotion.


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