Unity in Unity?

Sen. Hillary Clinton introduces her former Democratic rival at a  rally in Unity, New Hampshire, Friday.

But is it possible?

Think about it: This was one of the most emotional, hotly contested, and just plain exhausting primary cycles. At the center of the election headache were Senator’s Clinton and Obama. Today the pair of “once” bitter rivals will met in Unity, New Hampshire where the two urged Democratic unity amongst party voters and agreed to campaign to ensure Barack Obama is the next President of the United States.

It all sounds great, but will the voters buy it?

I have a hard time believing they will. Particularly Clinton supporters. The polls from the very beginning showed that Clinton supporters would be less likely to vote for Obama if and when he won. However, Obama supporters by the numbers showed by and large that they would support Hillary Clinton if she won.

True to the polls, even at her concession speech there were boo’s from her supporters, vows to take it to the Democratic convention, and even vows to vote for McCain.

Now I’m not saying that there weren’t any contentious Obama supporters that were/are against Hillary Clinton. Heck, I’m one of them. However, my issue has never been political. I have always felt and still do feel that the Clinton’s are great politicians and assets to the party, I just don’t personally like Senator Clinton. This stems from my limited exposure and experience in the Clinton White House so I will leave that alone for now. Either way, I went through my varied blog postings on the subject and to my “surprise” I realized that last year this time I was very open to a Clinton Presidency.

So what happened? I believe what happened to me also happened to many other Americans: The Clinton campaign was ran in such a way that it either completely turned us off from her or reinforced those things we already believed about her. The campaign was very divisive and it seemed like every trick in the book was used to undermine Barack Obama.

The campaign made issues out of non-issues and helped fan the flames of intolerance between groups. Sex, race, and even religion became wedge issues and even though it may not have been intentional, the perception in of itself has created serious issues between the two groups of supporters.

Can they pull it off? Who knows, but the very real challenge will be how can the Clinton campaign convince their supporters that somehow Obama is a good guy now and will the Obama supporters fully trust them. Personally, I believe it’s time to move on and let it go. I don’t know Hillary Clinton personally, but from my personal experiences, I’m not convinced she isn’t who most Military, Secret Service, etc. personnel from that era think she is, But for the sake of the country, I’m willing to let it go and realize that unity is the only way forward. Hillary Clinton is a great politician and an asset to the party. Let’s Hope it all works out.

We will see….

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