Baracknophobia: Was Jon Stewart Right?

On Monday Night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart did a parody of the ‘mainstream’ media outlets and their coverage of the multitude of Barack Obama rumors.  It was very funny, but it was also very true.

While Baracknophobia isn’t a clinical or “real” term at this point, what it suggests can be arguably proven given the magnitude of negativity against Obama most of which are based on no facts.

If one was to take a step back and analyze many of these accusations and attempt at ascertaining the motive for them, you would be taken aback by the type of stuff you will come across.

Seldom will you hear criticism against Obama based on policy issues.  More often than not, criticism and commentary are based on “other” things most of them rumor and outright lies.  However, the real question is why do people do it?  Why continue and persist in the making up of rumors to smear Obama?  What is it about Obama that has so many angry?

I believe if it was a real term, it would be Baracknophobia, which I would argue at it’s roots are racism, islamophobia, sexism, and partisanship.

Exit polls already bear witness to the fact that a good chunk of people won’t vote or didn’t vote because of race, others because he is supposedly a Muslim, his wife Michelle, and of course: he’s a Democrat.

All of these reasons are inconsistent with a sane, logical adult, so one has to be able to clinically diagnose such sick people right?

Here it is 2008 and the best many anti-Obama types can come up with it this stuff?

What they are essentially are saying when they are against Obama in this way is:

1:  They don’t like black people (even though he’s half white)

2:  They don’t like Muslims ( I have a theory race plays a part in islamophobia but that’s another post)

3:  They don’t like black women (Of course they are trying to make Michelle the stereotypical “angry black woman)

4:  They don’t like Democrats anyway (I believe that’s a small segment considering there are many Hillary supporters who are vowing to vote for McCain now even though they are supposed to be Democrats)

Either way it’s a sad state of affairs.

Great job Jon Stewart for bringing to light the truth of the failure of the mainstream media.


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