Blog post of note: "Compare Speeches"

The author successfully analyzes the differences between Obama and Hillary supporters.  I too have noticed much of what they say.  I have also noticed and the polls support it, the Obama supporters have always been more willing to embrace Clinton than the other way around.  Obama supporters by and large identify with the movement and the intangibles.  Clinton supporters identify and live through Clinton.  So Obama supporters were/are more willing to embrace Clinton if she was going to be the nominee as long as the movement continued because it’s about the collective, whereas the Clinton supporters would rather revolt if they didn’t get their way, because it was only about Clinton and themselves all along.

The proof is in the illogical conclusions many Clinton supporters come up with.  Many say they can never vote for Obama but can never cite why other than some association or they just don’t like him.  Yet, by all accounts even Clinton’s they have near identical policy ideas.

Just a thought….be sure to check out the post:

Compare Speeches


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  1. It’s funny you should mention that, because in my mind, I associate comments you made about Clinton supporters with Obama suporters. Early on, when I was undecided, I was amused by my friends’ passionate, inexplicable connection to Obama. I think blind devotion cuts both ways.

    That said, I still picked Obama over Clinton 🙂


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