What are the Clinton supporters to do?

Well, if this is the majority response and judging by the embarrassing fiasco that came after the rulings on Florida and Michigan it sure seemed that way, then I can’t wait to laugh it up in November!

The women who are locked into this sinking and increasingly embarrison Clinton nomination ship have lost their minds!

They would rather vote for McCain than Senator Obama (for God only knows what reasons) all because they didn’t get their way!

Well, if McCain wins, which I seriously doubt, I hope they are happy when he makes good on his deal with the Christian Right and places three pro-life judges on the Supreme Court! I am going to be gleefully eating popcorn if this happens because due to their own bitter selfishness they will have set women back several decades!

I personally don’t disagree with pro-lifers which is why it will be all that more funny. They think they would be hurting Obama and the Democrats with their foolish actions and they will only hurt themselves in the end.

Looking back to yesterday, I must admit as crazy as I thought the Clinton cult was, I had no idea they were that crazy. I’m truly curious now why is it they are so against Obama? What is it with this bloc of majority white Clinton supporters that they would rather destroy the party than accept defeat and vote for the nominee?

They were stark, foaming at the mouth mad over the committees decision to at least give Michigan and Florida representation, hell they could have said no and stick to their guns. But instead of the Clinton cult realizing that they had to compromise and might I add the majority that voted yesterday were Clinton superdelegates, and be happy that they got more than they started out with, they acted a fool.

You know who’s the real people to blame? The Clinton campaign themselves. They have played divisive political antics that have fanned the flames of hate, and true colors are now showing and for what? She’s lost anyway.

These supporters actions were disgusting and a true embarrassment to American, the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton. Even though I have given Clinton grief for months, she still is a great politician, Democrat, and champion among elected officials.

To hell with these supporters, let them leave and go Republican, there will be more, open-minded, decent people to replace them soon enough as Americans rally around our next President Barack Obama!



  1. I agree with you!! These women have lost their minds. I kind of thought I was the only one feeling this way. I am sure glad to see I am not alone in my thinking.
    I do balme HC for this. No matter what her campaign workers say or do; she still has the final say. She took this campain in this direction. SHE has thrown everything out from under the kitchen sick and nothing worked. NOW she wants to cry this ” I’M a waman and all the men are picking on me” crap. and all these silly women are falling for it. I just dont get it. That woman has bigger balls than most men so she needs to stop!!


  2. I agree with your comment. Hopefully, the maniacs we saw on Saturday represent only a small portion of Clinton supporters. If not, Obama may have trouble in the general.


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