What should be done about the votes in Florida and Michigan?

So I’m listening to the DNC committee live right now and listening to the Florida representatives and I love their enthusiasm and passion. I believe their arguments have merit. However, when it comes to disenfranchisement, I believe everyone is being one-sided and not fair to who may actually be disenfranchised no matter what the decision.

Sure millions came out to vote in the Florida and Michigan elections, but what about those who didn’t vote?

The citizens and voters of these two states and the entire country was told for months that their votes would not count be counted. We all knew this before January.

However, many came out in record numbers and voted anyway! But many did not. Many decided to not take off from work, school, etc. They decided not to get babysitters, get up extra early, etc. because they were told there is no point to do that this time. Your votes won’t count anyway. So many didn’t vote.

By allowing those who voted anyway to be counted while those who didn’t vote didn’t get a chance to have their voices heard is also disenfranchisement.

How can you punish those who didn’t vote because they were told there is no point, and reward those who voted against the well-known and published rules? What about their votes? They sat this one out because they were told to. They followed the rules, now those who didn’t want the rights that weren’t afforded them.

I don’t care what the Obama campaign or the Clinton campaign says today. But to not think about those who didn’t vote because of their knowledge of the rules is also disenfranchisement.

My only question is why weren’t we talking about this so passionately in December?

I truly believe this only became an issue once a certain Senator from New York saw that they were loosing and didn’t have much of a chance winning.

But maybe that’s just me.

I believe to ignore those who didn’t get to cast their votes is just as bad as counting those who knew they weren’t going to be counted per the rules.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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