A Decent Minority?

Now I get some racist comments on my blog some so vile you can’t even believe it at times like this latest gem:

Wow way to betray the Marines you punk piece of crap. . . . Your “religion” is the dumbest shit ever…. lets kill soldiers that are fighting for a better world. . . wow you must have no balls or loyalty to the country you back stabbing cock sucker… people like you make me sick to my stomach. . . .. And so you know you will go to hell for this… and I am a pitbull bitch so dont rattle my cage or ill fuck you up… You backstabbing whatever you want to be called, Jihad faggot. . . what does jihad stand for any way? Being a dumb fuck who gets blown up by real marines not fake as punks that switch teams so they can go suck on large ammounts of lead that we will fill you with! If I ever see you I will make you kiss my chrome BITCH!

But every so often there comes a time when some people who think they are saying something intelligent really makes you do a double look. For instance on a Military Forum I frequent they were discussing the latest controversy in Philadelphia about a Neo Nazi ad titled “Guns don’t kill people. Dangerous minorities do. How much longer can you ignore this?”

And this is one of the comments, you would almost think I’m making it up, but yes folks a grown adult made the following comment:

This is the best message that minorities could read since black on black crime is rampant. Decent minorities might someday get the message that voting for weak liberal weanies will take their familities to ruination. Most minorities are strong enough to vote for law and order, but with weak black leadership they’re lead down the wrong road. There was a time when black men voted Republican and their kids could read and write.

Now I’m not going to assume that this person is a racist. I actually believe this person thought they were saying something deep and useful. This goes to show you the level of ignorance left in the world. I thought it was me, but I asked my wife to read the comment and she just shook her head. We had to laugh in order not to cry.

What is a decent minority?

If I don’t vote Republican does that mean my children likely can’t read or write?

It’s 2008 people, wake up already!



  1. Assalaamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
    I know I’m preaching to the choir here, so I won’t even go into all the layers of just plain wrong in that. But wow. It’s terrifying. I see a lot of that kind of talk in my classes, even occasionally from professors, and it makes me so sick.


  2. Asalaam

    I would not worry about a few idiots and you should moderate the comments and delete them. I even had some come to my blog.

    keep blogging ! (, ”)



  3. Salaam,

    The main reason I don’t delete them most of the time, is because I want people to see the real “raw” ignorance that still exists in our world. I believe it gives context, and encourages us to continue to fight.


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