Senator Clinton is trying to disenfranchise voters!

Clinton, Obama converge on Florida

Why is Hillary Clinton still in the race?

What is Clinton’s argument now?

The media sucks at times. The Clinton campaign is getting away with this crap day after day and no one has called them on this. She is blatantly pulling the wool over the voters eyes and the media is giving her a free pass. They continually say the Florida and Michigan votes need to be counted, but what no one is asking them the right questions.

Sure Senator Obama wasn’t on the Michigan ballot and sure none of them campaigned in Florida. That’s not the point. The Clinton campaign is blatantly lying and no one is calling them on it. Surely it’s not the voters fault that those to states were stripped of their delegates. It is also true that millions of people came out and voted anyway.


That is the real question. How can you speak for the voters who voted even though the rules dictated they wouldn’t count, yet ignore those who didn’t vote because of that very reason?

Are we going to assume that there wasn’t millions of voters who didn’t vote but wanted to, but felt like it wasn’t worth leaving work, school, etc. voting when it wasn’t going to count?

So this is not about punishing those who voted and now want the rules changed, this is about disenfranchising those voters who followed the rules.

What about them? Do they not have a voice? Should they be ignored? Should only those who ignored the rules be counted, while those who followed the rules don’t even get a chance?

The only way to truly be honest Senator Clinton, you should be demanding a re-vote, not trying to change the rules in the end in order to steal the nomination while at the same time ignoring millions of voters who stayed home because they followed and accepted the rules!



  1. One thing you may not understand about the United States Constitution is that there is a phrase in there that states “… shall be no taxation without representation….”

    I, frankly, don’t see how witholding the vote in any state will meet that constitutional test.


  2. The problem with Hillary Clinton is not leadership, intelligence or whether or not the USA is ready for a woman president. My sense is that without the baggage Hillary Clinton would win easily. I watched the debates, and saw Hillary and Barrack speak @ google, and it’s clear that she is the superior politician. During each debate she making a strange expression, it doesn’t last long, but makes me uncomfortable. More importantly, she’s using the same-ol, same-ol campaign style (We expected something new from her), her strong ties/obligations to US and international powerborkers (poitical/biz/banking), the strange statements wrt her support base, Bills involvement boarders on interference and finally there is the issue of trust, the sniper-fire and especially wrt Arkansas, her home state. Taken together there’s just 2 much stuff, and no way to explain it away.

    For those concerned that it will be many years before another woman will be ready to run for US President, watch Michelle Obama closely. Michelle Obama stands beside, not behind her man. Like Hillary Clinton she is at least as smart as her husband. Dispite a few serious gaphaws, twelve years from now she may very well become the first minority woman US President. Although defered and somewhat inexperienced for the moment, Michelle Obama comes without the clinton baggage.

    Something odd about Obama is that he won three of the primaries in the Washington DC area, supposedly without help form Washington insiders, while insiders may or may not vote they must excecise considerable influence in DC, Maryland and Virgina? In addition, both Barack and Michelle are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Obama needs to state openly and clearly that despite the CFR’s power and influence, especially wrt foreign relations, that any CFR role or responsiblity will in no way hinder/conflict with or interfer with his ability to lead the people of the USA, as should Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Something all the front runners, democrat or republican have yet to explainy, or be honest about, with the notable exception of Ron Paul. Even Dennis Kucinich is a member of CFR. It may be the case, that in today’s USA it is not possible to become president, or even a senator or congressman without becoming a CFR member, idk?

    Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich should serioulsy consider a presidential bid as running mates.


  3. This is a democracy … ALL the votes should count. The voters, and the country shouldn’t be disenfranchised just because a handful of party hacks moved the dates. Again, as I read the blogs, the Obama supporters express their sarcastic condescending comments about Mrs. Clinton, never acknowledging that she has over 17 million Americans who have chosen her over Obama so far. Before the Obama supporters continue to use such vile language towards Hillary, and her supporters, they should remember that they can’t get their lord and master elected without us! The arrogant, lock-step Obama supporters are like a cult that shares one brain.


  4. Maybe you should re-read my post Howard. Disenfranchisement works both ways! What about the voters who didn’t vote because they thought they wouldn’t count?


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