Obama in Oregon: A Vision of November

What does 72,000 at Obama rally mean for GOP?

I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I believe that we are witnessing what it will look like after Obama wins the Presidential Election. Seriously, this guy has beat the best in the game the Clinton’s, has withstood every little dirty trick of the GOP, and even after Rev. Wright, Farrakhan, and all that other crap, this late in the primary season, Senator Obama can still draw a mostly white crowd of 72, 000.

It’s actually a beautiful time in politics and the Democratic Party has made America proud. We have had the first Hispanic nominee, the first truly successful woman nominee, and now on the cusp of the first black President.

This election cycle proves that without a shadow of doubt, even with all our faults, America is still the only country on Earth where an interracial kid with a weird name from a single parent home, can work hard, earn their education, and work their way up to be President of the most powerful country on the planet.

God has shined His grace on America.


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