Hillary Clinton: The Great White Hope?

There is something extremely shameful going on in politics today. I truly believe that we are witnessing a racial divide that may have the potential to set us back many years if we don’t do something about the Clinton’s divisive tactics.

It appears that the media is turning a blind eye to the obvious: In order to steal this election from Obama the Clinton campaign has decided to make race a huge issue.

Granted, this is nothing new, but it was way more subtle early on, but as her back got closer to the wall, this strategy became more open which is what we saw in PA last month.

Now leading up to the vote today in North Carolina and Indiana it’s become quite evident that the Clinton camp will do whatever is necessary to win.

For the last several weeks President Clinton has been courting white southerners in the smallest towns in NC seeking their vote. However, they have been pretty much avoiding diverse areas like the plague.

In order to offset Obama’s strong support with blacks, the tactic is simple: Scare the Hell out of white people.

This is also the Republican party’s tactic this cycle too. In NC as well as Louisiana they have been airing ads in the local elections against the Democratic nominee that supports Obama using his relationship against Wright against them.

What’s basically happening is that both Clinton and the GOP figure that the best way to knock Obama down and win is not through policy debate, but through character assassination. This isn’t a new tactic in of itself and it’s almost expected, the only problem is that they are doing the reverse of what Dr. King had a “dream” that we would end someday: Instead of attacking the content of his character, they are focusing on the color of his skin.

So they are using Wright as the example of the “angry black man who hates whites” to smear Obama in order to essentially tell whites who might support Obama that “remember he’s a black guy…wink, wink”.

So today, even if Obama wins both states, one state, or none at all, watch the exit polls, race will be a huge factor.

The Clinton’s rallies are getting whiter and whiter, and more and more rural or as I like to say “back woods”. They are trying to tap into the old bigotries and ignorance to scare up votes.

An Obama campaign office was vandalized in Vincennes, Indiana last night this is what happens when we play these games.

It’s dangerous and sad all at the same time, because many believed the Clinton’s wouldn’t do this. They are out Repulican-ing the Republicans and have said to hell with the black community, we don’t need you anymore. Their focus: Hispanics and Whites

I truly believe based on what we are seeing is that these white people are voting for Clinton not because they particularly like her or her policy ideas, but because they would rather settle for a white woman than have a black guy in the oval office.

The Clinton’s know this and are stirring the pot back a few decades to ensure this.


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