Muslim support for Obama

It’s very rare that I actually blog about stuff like this, but I routinely backtrack the referrals and searches to my site.  Often, I find some interesting sites that I end up adding to my blogroll, but every now and then I find some message board that found my blog and they are letting me have it in their thought to be hidden forum.

Today I found such a thread on where the conversation was about Muslim support for Obama.  You know the big scarecrow tactic that is still going on in the scary underground of mainly high to the right conservatives, who can’t make up their mind if Obama is a radical black Christian or a secret agent Muslim or somehow both.

As such, they have used my blog as an example of yet another Muslim who supports Obama hence somehow proving their theory that Obama must be a covert Muslim agent! 🙂

This tinfoil hat group is so funny that I felt I had to write about them so that others could get a good laugh today.

I will give them a little credit, every Muslim I personally know does support Obama, however our reason has nothing absolutely NOTHING to do with the idea that we think he is a Muslim.  In fact, most of us find it repulsive that many insinuate that a man who continually denies being a Muslim is in fact a Muslim, primarily because an actual Muslim would never do that and would be considered an apostate!

This is funny because this same group is part of the anti-Muslim crowd (which is why this allegation is so bad to them) and routinely talk about how Muslims hate and want to kill apostates.  So I wonder how this fits into their overall theory about Muslims because “If” Obama was a Muslim he would be an apostate, so why would Muslims support an open apostate?

Either way the fact of the matter is that Muslims by and large are mostly conservative.  As such, en mass most Muslims voted for Bush in 2000.  Because Muslims felt burned by him (see Iraq) many came out for Kerry in 2004.  If the candidate for the Democratic Party was Mickey Mouse, I’m certain Muslims would vote for Mickey.

The main reason many Muslims are probably supporting Obama versus Clinton is due to two factors:

1:  We don’t trust Clinton and don’t believe she will actually do anything about Iraq, she did vote yes on the bill that read “Authorization for the use of force in Iraq”

2:  Obama is a minority.  He therefore, knows what it’s like to be judged just because you are a minority.

3.  He’s of the world.  Many Muslims in America are from all over the world and are immigrants, having a real world view from life experiences makes it more likely that he will not look at the world as us vs them.

Certainly that’s not all and I don’t want to simplify Muslims because I have personally stated that my major reason was policy.

The fact is that there are many Muslim Republicans, many currently serving in state legislatures.  There were many Muslims for Huckabee, I was also rooting for him as well as many other Republicans and Democrats.

If the GOP gave us a true compassionate conservative who wanted to end the war in Iraq and deal with issues that face minorities and immigrants, we would vote for that candidate.

If Clinton wasn’t well…..Clinton, I’m certain she would get strong support.

Obama represents all those things in a candidate that we could hope for this time around minus our obvious conservative stances, so we would rather cut our losses and give him a shot.

So tin foil hat club, go do some research every now and then.  There are too many Muslim Republicans in office right now, for your theory to have any merit.

But I know, no matter what I write, you will still say he is a Muslim.  Fine.  I will still say your a racist who is too scared to just say it, but instead look for every reason and excuse to state why you would never vote for him other than the obvious.


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