Muslims we have to get it together!


…If you are the type that speaks Islam but doesn’t have it in your heart, this isn’t the post for you. If you are the Muslim who looks down your nose at other Muslims, this isn’t the post for you. If you are the Muslim who can only see Islam from your perspective, this isn’t the post for you. If you are the Muslim who isn’t willing to show others the beauty of Islam through you, this isn’t the post for you. However, if you truly love Islam, are willing to sacrifice to see it shine, and love the Muslim world, please continue to read on….

In many ways I know I’m singing to the choir, however I haven’t heard any good songs from the choir lately.

What will it take, what will have to be done, in order for us to realize we have to end our madness and get “it” together?

What is the “it”?

The “it” is pure, unadulterated Islam. The Islam of principle, conscious, and compassion. The Islam that is the light that shines forth from the Originator, Creator, and Sustainer of all. This light is supposed to shine from those who possess it.

So we have to ask ourselves, have we let our light shine today? When non-Muslims look at you, do they see the light of Islam reflected from your person? If not, why?

Sami Yusuf a great and wonderful singer in his song Al Mu’allim sang that the Prophet (saw) was most radiant when he smiled. I love that line among many others, but the radiant part really sticks with me today.

The Prophet (saw) was radiant when he smiled, meaning that the light shown forth from him was so pure that from something that we consider small such as a smile one could see the light of Allah (swt) and His revealed Word.

How many Muslims are smiling today? How many non-Muslims see radiance in us?

I bring this up because I truly believe that we have stained, sullied, and hidden the light of Islam from the world. It is the duty of each and every Muslim to radiate this light and our apathy towards such an inclination and purpose makes us part of the problem and the sole contributor for why that light isn’t so apparent today.

In so-called Muslim countries around the world there is little light and a lot of darkness. Who’s fault is it? Is it the Jews? Is it the West? No, the blame lies right at our own feet.

Collective self-responsibility is the only solution.

We are fractured and we are broken the shards of glass have become manifest for all to see.

We have to get it together.

Islam is the light and we are the glass from whence the light shines through. But we are broken and the windows are boarded up because of our indignation and lack of love, trust, and ultimately faith in Allah (swt).

We are fractured when we abandon the basic principles of Islamic practice.

Unfortunately when many Muslims hear the word “practice” automatically we think about ritual and culture.

We make our religion dark and denigrate it by making it small in this manner. We automatically jump to worrying ourselves with who is or isn’t praying, how they are praying, do the sisters cover or not, does the brother have a beard or not, etc. etc. etc.

We relegate and make this deen and light small by relegating ourselves to a consistent circle of insanity that keeps us in this cycle of wanting to be overlords and swatting at gnats rather than evaluating the substance of what our practice should be and what we should be focusing on, therefore allowing much worse to happen in our absence entangled in small and foolish gnat swatting. We do this over and over expecting different results.

Of course prayer is important, it’s one of the pillars of our faith, however is it our individual duty to relegate other Muslim’s prayer practices or our own?

As such, while we are spending time debating who’s praying, how much they are praying, and how they are praying, we have Muslim children being blown up on their way to school, if they even have one to go to. While we are debating whether or not you should pray with your arms folded, at your sides, or over your heart, Muslims are being killed by other Muslim in Sudan, Iraq, and around the world.

We constantly wrap our small thinking around ideals that we have that we want to project on others. We love to debate whether or not a sister is covered and want to dictate what it should mean to her to be a Muslim, but in all our dictates, have we spent nearly enough time focusing on what it means to be a Muslim man?

While we are debating what we should do with these sisters, Muslim men are abusing Muslim women. While we are focusing on the sisters who don’t wear Hijab, Muslim men are fornicating and lusting after non-Muslim women who make non-hijabi women look like women under Taliban rule in Burka’s.

We are open hypocrites. We will allow non-Muslim women to speak at the front of our Masjids addressing the congregation if they are politicians and such, but wouldn’t let one of our sisters so much as offer an opinion.

Of course Hijab is important, it’s in the Qur’an, however while we are debating what that means and whether or not it should be mandatory and under what conditions, our women are being harassed, beaten, and sexually assaulted, often times by Muslims. Muslim women are being raped in Darfur by Muslim men and we sit in our Masjids and Fiqh councils debating head wraps!

We are so concerned with a physical covering of cloth, but forget about the spiritual spiritual cover and order to protect the women, maintain them, and treat them as equals!

So while many an Imam or Islamic scholar or brother is lauding the virtue in cloth loud and determined, our voices become a whisper or is non-existent when it comes to talking to the men who don’t cover their women financially, spiritually, as real men and Muslims of character and substance should. Brothers are treating their women like dogs, who they use at their leisure. Often, they don’t support the women, won’t allow her to get an education, and various other atrocities, but this is OK right, as long as she is covered?

We love to enjoin in making our religion small. We want to wear Islam on our sleeves but refuse to let Islam in our hearts. As such while we knock the brothers who don’t wear a beard or won’t wear a thobe, our so-called Muslim lands are some of the worst examples of what a society should be and to make matters worse, we say with our mouths that our religion is the model, but if what we did was evaluated by what we say, many a person would laugh at us.

So we wonder why people say such horrid things. We wonder why they draw cartoons. We want to fight to the death for our rights, but refuse to protect and defend the rights of others. We want non-Muslims to respect us, but we won’t even respect ourselves.

How can you expect someone to respect a person who fights, kills, and steals from his brother? How can you expect someone to respect a person who beats, kills, rapes, and refuses to educate his sister? How can you expect a someone to respect that person, especially when their justification is based on a disagreement in text, religious practice, cloths on a head, a beard on a face, and even more minute things than that.

We have made ourselves over a billion weak individuals. We love to talk about the past, but we refuse to learn from it. How can we dare say we are Muslims and have Islam in our hearts when we live in the state we are in? The glory days are over, let’s focus on the days ahead!

A Muslim is supposed to be one in which their neighbors feel safe. A Muslim should want for his brother and sister what they have for themselves. A Muslim is supposed to be a protector and defender of the persecuted. A Muslim is supposed to be a protector and defender of the houses of worship where God’s name is remembered often.

Yet, in many a “Muslim” country not only do our neighbors not feel safe, but also the very Muslims within these populations do not feel safe. They don’t know when the next fatwa will be given that calls their practice somehow deficient and worthy of death, banning, or exile. Any difference of opinion can determine whether you live or die.

In many a “Muslim” country wealth is horded by the rich and so while the rich fancy themselves with golden faucets, grand Mosques, hotels, indoor ski resorts, and many other “luxuries”, our brothers and sisters amongst us have trouble just eating and living. When a natural disaster hits, oftentimes it’s the non-Muslim that can be relied on. When financial, economic, and sociological crises arise Muslim countries and Muslims are largely absent, well at least some have gold sinks.

In many a “Muslim” country, the main persecutor is not the non-Muslim, it’s not the Jews, it’s not America, it’s those who say they are Muslim. Oppression of the minority, oppression of the non-Muslim, oppression of the different practicing or opinionated Muslim, Oppression of the women, oppression of the poor, and many other oppressions are common place. We have become so vile that we will even burn down another’s house of worship because we don’t agree, yet as they run from the flames they cry out to the same God in whose name we claim as we set the fire!!!!

God does not require our defense!

If we truly want to set fires, lets set our hearts on fire for the love of Islam, for the love of our Prophet (saw) for the love of our fellow Muslims, and the love of all humanity. This is the fire and the light that Allah (swt) requests of us. This is the real Islam.

We have to stop kidding ourselves. Either God is real or He is not and we should stop playing games and wasting time.

However, if we truly believe God is real, then the best way to glorify and magnify Him is through our submission which we reflect in our every waking moment.

When people look at us, the light of Truth should be evident in our works.

All Muslim lands should be open to Muslims. Our societies should be the most tolerate, the most prosperous, the most educated, the most technological, the most equal, and the most desired.

If Allah (swt) is magnified as the Most in all things, our societies should reflect the most in the world.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, and non-Muslims should be banging at the doors to live amongst and with us. Instead of people increasingly fleeing from Muslim lands, the Islamic faith, and Muslims, they should be running toward them.

The Prophet (saw) did not beat Islam into the people, they came willingly many under great consequence physically because of the beautiful words of Allah (saw), the teachings of Islam, and the practice of the Prophet (saw).

So how can we expect anything given our words, our teachings, and our practice today? We have sowed what we reaped!

We can fix this if we are willing to get it together. We can clean up the glass, take down the boards, and put in new glass. We can let the light shine through and brighten up this world. However, it’s going to take great courage and great strength.

It’s going to take commitment and the honor of those who truly love Allah (swt).

We have to be firmly rooted in the idea that a Muslim is one who all flock to for help and protection. That means we have to recognize that all are God’s creation and as such should be dealt with in the best of manners.

In action and in speech none should be harmed by one who claims to represent Islam.

That means moving beyond our differences within and acknowledging that any who claim Allah (swt) is a brother or sister, regardless of their practice and ideas.

If we don’t agree with a practice or idea, then show them why in the best manner.

If what you have is true and better then it should be openly manifest.

You can’t force or punish a belief into the heart.

We have to be committed to treating our women as our equals. As such we have to uplift her, provide for her, and protect her. As such we have to allow her to choose her own destiny. You can tell a lot about a community by the way they treat their women! Women are the backbone of civilization and that’s why we are commanded to reverence the womb that bore us. She is our first teacher and guide, if we undervalue her, we undervalue ourselves, and undervalue He that Created her and us.

We have to be open to a pluralistic society consisting of all Muslims in every flavor, of every origin, and every idea.

The irony is that some of us have become masters at interfaith and Da’wa, but are reluctant to have intra-faith gatherings with other Muslims whom we disagree with and share and respect our differences!

Let’s begin an intra-faith Movement!

Coming together on the things we agree is much better than warring, killing, and oppressing one another on the things we don’t. We have much more in common than we don’t and a divided house cannot stand.

Muslims should have a mutual protection pact with one another. When one Muslim hurts or suffers all of us should hurt and suffer. As such a Muslim should be welcome in any Muslim country. We should do business with one another, support each other, and ensure our communities are prepared to compete in this day and age. We should ensure that homelessness, poverty, hunger, disease, and lack of education are a thing of the past.

There is much work to do, but we have to be willing to take the first step. Who is willing to join me in this effort? Who is willing to say that no matter what, he or she that utters the name of Allah (swt) is with me?

Despite our differences, flaws, etc. any who say they love Allah (swt) and the Prophet (saw) is as they were your blood. Let Allah (swt) sort out and deal with us on that which we differ.

Together, united, we can change the world, clean our communities, and restore that which Allah (swt) has intended.

Now I know that many will say that this is too lofty, and not realistic, but let me remind you that in 23 years Islam dominated the region. Let me remind you that we believe and serve the same God, that had the Israelites walk on dry ground, revealed the Book, came revealed to the illiterate one (saw) a message that transformed the world, that same God creates the storms, destroys civilizations, and brings back life again.

If your scared say your scared.

But if you truly believe, you know that nothing is too hard for God and there is nothing that cannot be accomplished by those who serve Him.

Forget the naysayers, the Shaitan already has their hearts, we have to lead, follow, or get out the way.

Contact me so that we can work together,

As Salaam Alaikum



  1. As salaamu alaikum.

    My brother, that was an interesting piece. I agree, we need to stop sitting silently and letting other Muslims suffer. I agree, we need to stop the debates about who’s right and wrong on prayer and covering, and get back to the true pure Islam, the Islam that is supposed to reside in our hearts. We’re so caught up in trying to out do each other with outward piousness that we have forgotten inner peace and submission. Keep talking; some of us are listening.



  2. Well , what is this true pure islam.. i have seen people talking about this but nobody could explain…..
    Can u put up the unique , the good & new which islam brought ??

    Aren,t you guys trying to hide the obvious.. i do not want you to reply but prove doubters wrong & establish the authenticity of islam objectively.


  3. Dear brother Salaam, May Allah (SWT) bless you.

    Excellent job, you are speaking the truth, if every Muslim realizes the true teaching of Islam .The Muslims all over the world would not suffer on the hand of Non-Muslims and Muslim. (Who have no knowledge of real Islam, and they believe that they are the owner of the religion) and the wrath of Allah (SWT) on them shows that Allah (SWT) is very unhappy with them. Muslims are suppose to getting other religion together on the basis of common grounds like believing in Oneness of Allah (SWT) Angles and the day of the judgment. Instead of, like you mention, finding extremely minute details to cause the separation of fellow Muslim brothers and sisters and planting hatred among them, instead of getting them together and be one Power, they way Allah(SWT) meant us to be. May Allah(SWT) lift their blindness and open their deaf ears so they would Ponder on the teaching of the Holy Quran and Teachings of Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (SAW) and Let Allah (SWT) judge everyone on the day of the Judgment instead of what they are trying to judge
    May Allah (SWT) forgives our shortcomings and may we hold the rope of Allah (SWT) and become one family


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