You cant doubt that Hillary Clinton is a Republican!

And a hypocrite to boot!

“…..If one candidate is trying to scare you and the other one is trying to get you to think, if one candidate is appealing to your fears, and the other one is appealing to your hopes, you better vote for the person that makes you think and hope, that’s the best!” …President Bill Clinton

Yet, Senator Clinton released yet another ad trying to scare the pants off of people and particularly white people in Pennsylvania. Her campaign is getting more and more disgusting and the sad part is that people are buying it. I guess she really knows her constituency! What kind of voter is she targeting? I mean she has been playing the race card hot and heavy, then the fear card with the laughable 3 am phone call, then back to race last week dropping the Farrakhan and Hamas bomb in the ABC "debate", now on the day of the election what does she do? Copy President Bush! One has to wonder if Karl Rove secretly works on her campaign.

Clinton uses Pearl Harbor, bin Laden images in new ad

It's getting more sickening each day. White voters in PA you have been had, hoodwinked, run amuck, led astray, bamboozled, and more importantly played like a fiddle. The Clinton campaign placed a bet that you would be a "little" prejudice and fearful. Therefore, she played your insecurities like a famous pianists and you will most likely deliver her a victory in PA. Sad but true. Her hypocrisy is evident. She invokes Rev. Wright, yet he was invited to the White House to council them. She invoked the weathermen, yet President Clinton pardoned two of them. She invoked elitist, yet her background compared to Obama makes him look like a beggar. She invoked toughness, yet she cried on national TV to gin up votes, complained about being piled on in the debates, complained about getting the first questions, etc. She tries to play the feminist card and has actually fooled a lot of women, yet any true feminist would be disgusted by her tactics and background, considering she is only where she is because of her cheating husband. She stood by her man in order to gain access to power. Yeah, she's such the feminist role model. I for one will tell my daughter to look up to women who got where they are based on their own skill, background, and merit. It's only fitting that a candidate that supported and voted to give President Bush authorization to go to war with Iraq, that the same candidate would use his campaign tactics to scare up votes. Keith Olbermann should make you the "Worst Person in the World" tonight! So let's get ready for more lies and spin from the Clinton camp tonight. We all know she lost over a month ago. She has won the least states, she is loosing the popular vote, delegate vote, and elected superdelegate vote (meaning the majority of her support comes from non-elected officials, most likely Clinton people), and there is no chance she can win outside of begging the party to give her the nomination, even if that means it splits the party and blacks leave, the youth leave, and all the new voters leave. None of that matters, because she must win, she's power hungry. So here's the Clintonian spin yet again tonight: She has one the big "important" states. Yet she neglects to mention….. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: <img alt="//


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