Why I support Barack Obama

Today America is facing serious challenges from all over the world and here at home. As a Marine Corps Veteran, father, patriotic American, and many things to many people, I truly believe the time is now for change for our country. We need to change the course of the current bondage of yesterday's vision, politics, issues, and divisions. With a war waging with no end in sight, billions of dollars lost, an economy on the decline, families struggling more and more each day, and a people looking to reclaim the American dream, I truly believe America is at the crossroads and now is the time to chart our destiny for the future that is bright and wonderful for all people for future generations. Barack Obama has the experience as a legislator and one who has fought on the behalf of those who had no voice. Barack Obama knows what it is like to struggle and face life's challenges being told "you can't". Barack Obama knows what it is like for working class families trying to make ends meet and deal with the challenges of daily life. Instead of taking top dollar jobs after college, Barack Obama sought out to help those who like him have to fight for the American Dream. Barack Obama has the vision that is much needed in a field of opportunists, status quo contenders, and pseudo monarchies that want to arise in this country. Barack Obama knows that a divided house cannot stand and the only way to eliminate issues of race, gender, and partisan politics is to come together as Americans united in a 21st century world. Barack Obama has the message that is clear and stirs the soul. We need to turn the page and have a President that has the right judgement on day one, shuns falsehoods in the light of ever present realities, or plays into the divisive politics of yesterday. Together, those of us from all faiths, backgrounds, creeds, etc. have the ability to change the world. "…..If one candidate is trying to scare you and the other one is trying to get you to think, if one candidate is appealing to your fears, and the other one is appealing to your hopes, you better vote for the person that makes you think and hope, that's the best!" …President Bill Clinton With Barack Obama, Yes We Can! Peace and Blessings, Robert Salaam


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