Could Condolezza Rice be our next vice President?


Some of you may think I’m off my rocker at this point! Certainly, I’m an Obama supporter, however given the madness and ineptitude that has befallen a spineless Democratic Party and it’s leadership, one must consider their options and what to do with their vote.

I know I am not the only person that is either an Obama or Clinton supporter who is a little more than angry with the Democratic Party and I’m certain I’m not the only black person (listen to black talk radio these days?), so I’m beginning to ponder whether or not we should give the Republican party another look.

Contrary to popular belief and a problem for the Democrats, Senator John McCain is not the devil. It’s hard to demonize a candidate with his resume. Not to mention his ability to be flexible in his stances that move him toward the center and left of the Republican Party. He surely poses a threat as he is well liked by Independents and Moderate Democrats. However, against a Barack Obama or even a Hillary Clinton, he lacks the “appearance” of Change. So what could the GOP do to take away the “change” monopoly the Democrats have currently? They could throw a wrench in the election coverage by putting forward a Vice President that encompasses change. One such candidate and possible Trojan Horse, would be a McCain Rice ticket.

Secretary Rice, embodies both of what the Democratic Party is toting as “historic”. Not only is she obviously an African American, but she of course, is a she. Therefore, what argument could the Democratic Party make against the Republican Party as it relates to change? Not only that, but Secretary Rice wouldn’t be just a token candidate. Combined with Senator McCain, they would definitely have the foreign policy experience. They would also have National Security experience. They both could make the argument that they are ready on day one.

Condoleezza Rice has an extensive resume, has been the face of American Policy, National Security, and have dealt with many difficult and emerging issues the world over. As far as the black vote, let’s not kid ourselves, there is a contingent of black people who are voting along racial lines just as many are voting along gender lines. Secretary Rice addresses both and while she doesn’t have a strong following in either group that are now locked in the Obama and Clinton camps, she can make a strong argument for their support. She has zero of their weaknesses and when it comes to experience and competence she also has that. For blacks, she represents the most powerful black women in American politics, and is a great source of pride. For women, she represents strong leadership and the ability to face the world with honor and dignity.

Considering the foolishness in the Democratic Party now many people who may feel disenfranchised when the smoke clears could find a home in the Republican Party with a candidate like Dr. Rice.

It’s no secret the Republican Party has wanted to increase their minority membership, now would be the time to strike and change the dynamic.

The lack of party leadership and the increasing frustration of voters in the Democratic Party is making the situation ripe for the Republicans to ensure they win the general election. The Clinton’s insistence that they can win, even though that’s mathematically impossible, openly declaring between the lines that they plan to convince super delegates to hand them the nomination, the increasing nastiness and scorched earth tactics, is making the Democratic Party less and less attractive. Where they once could easily have one the election, now the margin is statistically even. The GOP could tip the balance with this type of nomination.

It’s been rumored that Dr. Rice has been showing up at Party events that politicians only go to stake a claim at future appointments. What appointment could she be after if it is true? I would think she would only go higher, and outside of a Congressional run, it seems like the natural progression would be the Vice Presidency….

Maybe I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Republican think tanks weren’t already thinking this scenario out. Rice could energize the base, increase their membership, and create such a problem for the Democrats, that they would almost be assured a victory in November, especially if the Clinton camp continues with their assault on Obama which is tearing the Party into two, and with no real leadership stepping up to the plate no Howard Dean, no Al Gore, no John Edwards, no Donna Brazil the Democratic Party is providing no real opposition.  Super Delegates are so scared of the Clintons and the media is too scared to report what is actually happening, that we may be witnessing a historic shift of party support. Blacks may very well leave the party and go Republican or third party. The Clintons are banking on women and latino’s at the expense of one of the most loyal constiuency’s that the Republicans are trying to court.

Now is the time for a Condi bomb GOP.


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