This Wright thing won't end!

So there are those out there who keep saying that Rev. Jeremiah Wright is somehow advocating hate toward white people. Now even Geraldine Ferraro is back in the media and saying it.

“What this man is doing is he is spewing that stuff out to young people, and to younger people than Obama, and putting it in their heads that it’s OK to say `Goddamn America’ and it’s OK to beat up on white people,” she said. “You don’t preach that from the pulpit.”

It’s obvious Ferraro is A: a Clinton lackey trying to keep the divisive race thing going and B: A bad one at that, because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I already explained the “Goddamn America” part, it’s in the scripture, no one can prove that he was “beating up on white people”, and Geraldine, Preachers do in fact, preach from the pulpit! 🙂

Rev. Wright may have made white people angry, but he didn’t say anything against whites, he was talking against the government, unless of course some whites subconsciously believe the government is white or should be….

So I ask, what did Rev. Wright say about white people that is so offensive? Better yet, I will let Rev. Al Sharpton do all the talking. Go Al, Go, truth stands clear from falsehood.


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