Who condemns on the behalf of Palestine?

It is sad and disgusting what has occurred in the Middle East this week with so many innocents killed.

However, what is truly disgusting is the lack of moral character and courage on behalf of the international community to recognize and acknowledge that life that is sacred to all children regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion.

Israel has been carrying out operations in Gaza for several days going after terrorists, and as a result, more than 120 Palestinian civilians were killed, mostly women and children.

There was no outrcy, no call for international condemnation, no support, etc.

However, when terrorists carried out an act in an illegal settlement in Israel yesterday that resulted in the untimely deaths of 8 innocent Israeli teens, the world was in an uproar.

This is the lopsided thinking and attitude that fuels these flames. Blatant bigotry and racism that treats the death of Palestinians and Muslims in general as not worthy of remorse, but the death of Israeli’s must be fought against with all ones might, is nothing short of evil.

I don’t care who the child is, God loves them all equally.

Where is our love for all humanity?

The BBC posted this timeline:

4 Feb 2008: One dies, Dimona suicide bombing
29 Apr 2007: Three die, Eilat suicide bombing
17 Apr 2006: Nine die, 40 wounded, suicide bombing near old bus station in Tel Aviv
30 Mar 2006: Four die, Kedumim suicide bombing
29 Dec 2005: Thee die, suicide bombing near Tulkarm
5 Dec 2005: Five die, Netanya suicide bombing
26 Oct 2005: Six die, Hadera market suicide bombing
12 July 2005: Two die, Netanya suicide bombing
25 Feb 2005: Five die, 50 hurt, suicide bombing outside Tel Aviv nightclub
13 Jan 2005: Six die, suicide bombing at Karni crossing
Almost a 3 year timeline and the deaths are not even the total of the Palestinian death toll after ONE Israeli attack!
Where is the Palestinian death toll? What about the Iraqi one?
Who’s willing to count how many innnocent children have died in Palestine due to Israeli attacks?
Are Israeli babies better than Palestinian babies?

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  1. I found the reports flashing all over my PCs and TV rather disturbing yesterday. I’ve had numerous professional and personal discussions on this issue this week and its making me tired. I like what one of our congressmen said though. He told the Palestinians to adopt MLK’s stance just to see if the Israelis were serious about peace. It was Utopian yes, but besides, I’m not so sure Palestinian peace would result in Israeli peace. I could be wrong.


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