The Media is giving Hillary Clinton a free pass!

Look, I don’t want to look like a sore looser. I can eat crow like the best of them. I predicted that Clinton would lose big and would give a concession speech this week. I was obviously wrong. However, I woke up this morning wondering why the media is giving Hillary Clinton a free pass. This is often an allegation of the Clinton campaign, especially when she is loosing, but the truth is that this thing has been going the Clinton way for a long time.

The Clinton campaign only has a problem with the media when it’s against them. When the media was talking about how inevitable she was and how she was the front runner, there was not a peep. From the beginning, when the Clinton campaign doesn’t get their way they have been whining and crying. The media refuses to call them on that. During the early debates when former Senator Edwards and others started delivering blows, they were “piling on”. When she lost Iowa “she teared up”. Then there were the complaints about the media, the being asked the first questions, etc. etc. etc.

Clinton lost 11 straight and barely won the states she did, yet she’s the comeback kid? The real story is how Obama has constantly won and even in the states we all knew Clinton could/would win he closed the gap. Numerically, in the states Clinton won she was beating Obama at times by 20 or more percentage points and he closed the gaps. She can barely beat him, yet when he wins he blows her out by 15-30 percentage points.

Furthermore, she keeps making the argument about the states she won and how important they are, but what no one is calling her on is the fact that most of those states the Democrats will win anyway! NY is not going to a Republican nor is NJ, CA, and many others. The fact that Obama can split the vote in those states and close the gap proves that he will win those in the general election as well. Former Hillary supporters would vote for Obama in the general election and the Democratic party will easily win all of the states Clinton has won, but would Hillary be able to win the states Obama won?

These are the tough questions the media will not ask. Hillary Clinton has proved nothing other than that white women, Hispanics, and blue collar workers are her base. These demographics will not vote for McCain anyway. To suggest that she did something by winning those largely Democratic states is a lie.

Senator Obama has built a coalition of voters who don’t traditionally vote Democratic. He has made inroads in areas Democrats haven’t been able to go into for years. He has crossed party lines, racial lines, gender lines, and class lines. In a general election he would use that coalition to build a stronger, vibrant, Democratic party that could almost win every state. Clinton will keep the red state versus blue state status quo going as many Obama supporters may very well leave the party or not vote. All that energy that Obama has built would most likely dissipate as Clinton does not create a clear distinction between her and Senator McCain.

How can Senator Clinton out experience John McCain? How can she out foreign policy him? How can she win the Iraq debate against him? That is why Republicans pray for Clinton. She will unite their party, split the country and we would get more of the same. Why? Because most Republicans and many Democrats see this when they look at Clinton:

Most Americans are afraid of a phone ringing at 3am with Bill Clinton there. We do remember the 90’s and Clinton’s booty calls. Sad but true. Can we truly risk the stark reminder of the corruption and scandals of that era?

I just do not understand what is wrong with the Obama campaign. They need to emphasize these things. If Obama had lost the way she has, he would have been long gone. The Clinton camp thought it would be them leading in this manner and since they aren’t they are going to destroy the party!

I truly believe that the Clinton camp believes that it is either them or no one else! They are now arming the Republican party with enough ammunition so that if Obama wins the nomination he will lose to McCain, that way they could run in 2012.

It’s a scorched Earth policy. Show Obama as weak and unprepared to make him an easy kill. Get a one term McCain in place, and comeback with an “I told you so” campaign in 2012. Clinton knows that they can’t win delegates. They are barely winning where they are and the super delegates know that they have to pick the person with the delegate and popular vote majority lest they destroy the party and risk their seats in their districts. So the Clinton camp will do a scorched Earth campaign getting nastier and nastier providing the Republican party with ammo. You should have heard her praising and playing nice with Karl Rove on Fox News this morning.

The Clinton’s only care about power and winning. Not about the party or the country. A blind person can see that the majority of the country across the board wants Obama. Clinton wants to ensure he loses no matter what.

God I wish I worked for the Obama campaign. Their focus needs to be to shape the debate around how poorly Clinton is doing overall. She cannot convince Americans to vote for her. She can only win Democratic bases and states…barely.

Contests Won:

Obama: 27

Clinton: 16

Obama is also winning the popular vote. The super delegates need to get a backbone and declare now and end this foolishness or the Clinton’s will destroy the Democratic party and allow McCain to win.

Analysis: GOP focuses on November, Dems on each other

Story Highlights

  • Clinton’s Texas, Ohio wins prevented what could have been a knockout blow
  • Women, Latinos, older voters boost her in Texas; unions, late deciders help in Ohio
  • Obama campaign downplays her wins, emphasizes his lead in pledged delegates
  • McCain to get Bush endorsement, can now fully focus on the general election

NEW YORK (CNN) — While Sen. John McCain can now fully focus on the general election, the race for the Democratic nomination goes on with no clear end in sight.

Sen. Hillary Clinton injected a boost into what had been a flagging campaign.

McCain heads to the White House on Wednesday to receive the official blessing of President Bush after officially clinching the Republican presidential nomination.

Sen. Hillary Clinton scored three critical primary wins Tuesday in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island, injecting a much-needed boost into what had been a flagging campaign.

Had Barack Obama swept Tuesday’s primaries — he did win Vermont — there would have been intense pressure on Clinton to withdraw from the race.

Instead, the two Democratic White House hopefuls now turn their attention to Wyoming on Saturday, Mississippi on Tuesday, and far more importantly, the April 22 showdown in Pennsylvania.

Clinton described her Tuesday victories as “a new chapter in this historic campaign,” while the Obama campaign sought to downplay her wins by emphasizing his lead in the battle for pledged delegates.

“Tonight was the Clinton campaign’s last best chance to make a significant dent in our lead in pledged delegates, and they have failed,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said in an early-morning statement. “In our latest projections, we will win the Texas caucus with a double-digit margin, and any pledged delegate shift will be absolutely minimal.”

Clinton’s win in Texas was based on her strong showing among women, Latinos and voters over the age of 65, according to a CNN exit poll.

Specifically, Clinton carried women by an 11-point margin (55 percent to 44 percent); Latinos supported her by a 36-point margin (67 percent to 31 percent); and voters over 65 backed her by a 37-point margin (67 percent to 30 percent).

In contrast, Obama defeated Clinton among men by 2 points (50 percent to 48 percent); young voters broke in his favor by 16 points (58 percent to 42 percent); and college graduates favored him by 11 points (54 percent to 43 percent).

As expected, Obama also did very well with African-American voters, but it was not enough to overcome Clinton’s strong ties to Texas, which date back to the early 1970s. Read about Clinton’s Texas ties

Obama was also hurt by the fact that the black share of the overall vote declined from 21 percent in the 2004 Democratic primary to 19 percent in Tuesday’s contest.

At the same time, the Latino share of the overall vote increased from 24 percent in 2004 to 34 percent on Tuesday. Clinton carried white voters by a 13-point margin (56 percent to 43 percent).

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