Parenthood and duty

Kareem and Khalil fighting over popcorn

Often as I pursue this course on a path least traveled, I am constantly reminded of what’s at stake.  On this blog, on message boards, and on my radio show  people question my motives.  People want to know why I do what I do.  I have no doubt how important one voice can be.  I equally know how unimportant one voice can be.  I share a lot on this blog besides my musings on religion and politics.   I share my life, my dreams, goals, and reality.  I do all this in hopes of reaching out to those like me who are tired of the world in which we live and strive daily to change it.  There are many out there that look at this blog as just a Muslim blog or even propaganda, but I tend to look at it as an average American blog.  There is no specific box I fit in.  I’m a Marine, a Muslim, a young black guy, I lived in the north and in the south.  I am America, diversity personified sometimes so much that it doesn’t even make sense at times. 🙂

I never truly intended for my blog or any of my works to be “Muslim” works per se, but to be a narrative of a man that is just like every other American except that my religious beliefs are different.  My blog is full of misspellings, poor grammar, and gives ample proof that I am not a writer!  I like it that way.  I write the way I think and the way I talk.  I want people to know me as I am.  I want people to understand that my motivation behind all this is my country and my family.

I took the oath to protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic several times.  I take that oath very seriously.  To me, it is my constant duty to always be on my post to ensure that this country of my birth and that I love prospers.  To not be active in that cause goes against that oath that I first took at the age of seventeen.  That is why I am so critical of what is going on in America today, that is why I feel I must say something on behalf of the “everyday” people.  If there weren’t people like me, objectivity would just be a word in Webster’s under “O”.

Today is my youngest child’s second birthday (he’s holding the popcorn) and it is because of this that I ramble on today.  As I look into is inquiring eyes and style his hair that drives my family nuts because I won’t cut it, I dwell on how important it is that people like me win this war of ideas.  The consequences of loosing is too great.  I want my children to grow up in the world I knew in the 80’s in New Jersey as a child where the most important thing in the world was playing and eating ice cream.

I truly fear for my nation and my family.  Maybe I have been in government too long or watched too many movies, but I think of what would happen if there was anything like another 9/11.  You know I spend a lot of time debating non-Muslims about Islam and rightfully so, because the venom many of them spew comes from a place of hate, however I really want to direct my full time to the Muslims.  I am no fool, every Muslim is not like me.  Heck, there are many that will say I’m not a Muslim.  But I know there are those who claim to be a Muslim that would just as quickly kill me as they would a non-Muslim.  I know that their strength is in their ability to control perception and information.  The ignorant masses they recruit to do their evil bidding are only able to do so because there aren’t those of us of courage who will overwhelm and overrun their monopoly.

I detest that my fellow Americans look at my children with disgust and hate.  Granted, many did the same when my grandparents were children and they are Christians, but today, it’s not so much about skin color, but about how and whom you pray.  I look at the photo I shared and am reminded of that day of how my kids were having fun just like every other child across the globe.  Did it matter to them that Umi and Abu put kufi’s on their head or moments earlier everybody was praying the same way?  All that mattered, was that playground, cotton candy, and popcorn.

As a parent, I want my children to always know this type of joy.  I hate that my wife and I have to shield from our children that there are people in our very city who believe that they are inherently evil because of the way we pray.  No child should have to grow up in a world and especially an America like that.  Especially, when their dad honorably wore this nations uniform and goes to work everyday ensuring her prosperity.   This is the reality.  This is how it truly is.

So what is a parent to do?  I could just go to work everyday and pray that things will get better, or I could actively do things to make it get better.  Being the Marine Sgt that I am, well we already know what path I chose.  I truly believe that people need to lead, follow, or get out of the way.  This is my belief.  I believe that we should be part of the change we wish to see.

As a parent it is my duty to ensure the safety of my family.  As a Marine it is my duty to ensure the safety of my nation.  As a Muslim it is my duty to ensure the safety of God’s creation.  Therefore, I can either serve and heed my call to service, or I can do nothing.

What’s a father to do?



  1. Salaam brother,
    I’m in the same boat. I often get blasted for defending my country on one side and my religion on the other. At times I get tired but I know my children have as much stake here as anyone. My son is three and he already recognizes Navy anything anywhere. I want them to feel proud to be who they are as they grow and I, like you, would love to have raised them in the 80s. But what ARE we to do?


  2. Salaam Brother,

    What many fail to realize is that outside of all this assign a title and fight crap, that most of us are the same. We have the same hopes and fears, we want for our children just like anyone else.


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  4. Yeah, that is a big problem. Everybody has to be labeled and then eaten alive. All sensibility is out of the window. I see it even in blogs among Muslims and it extends to non-Muslims. Funny thing happened the other day; I walked into a shoe store I frequent with my wife (my wife wears a scarf) and kids for the first time. On previous occasions I’d always talk with one older female sales associate about politics, Columbus, OH, etc. She knew I taught PoliSci and went to Vassar and I knew she went to Bob Jones University but she didn’t know I was a Muslim. When she saw my family walk in with me her genuine smile turned into wax. It hurt me because I share so many of her thoughts and concerns.


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