The Holocaust

Corpses in Auschwitz; from Yad Vashem.

Corpses in Auschwitz; from Yad Vashem

I decided to write about this topic, because of the great pain it causes me. I was engaging in a debate loosely on a message board about Muslims and Nazism. Many people that are making a living on anti-Islam propaganda love to spout “evidence” about how Muslims supposedly hates Jews and supported the Holocaust and cite the Nazi support from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem at the time and others as their “proof”.

Now over the years I have read several articles that highlight the Muslims who helped saved Jews during the Holocaust and I am always naturally offended by these accusations that Muslims supported the Nazi’s. To me it’s more of the same propaganda against Muslims and Islam. People love to pick and example or two from History or even text, to attempt at a broad smear campaign. So as I was researching my rebuttal I came across the Wiki page about the Holocaust and was reminded of the extreme hurt and sadness I felt during my visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

As a Muslim, I feel greatly insulted by anyone who denies the horror of the Holocaust or any genocidal attempt against the Jews throughout the annals of history. I further believe it is sick to mock or be insensitive to any degree about this painful topic.

I remember the tears rolling down my face as I saw all the shoes, tapes, images, etc. in that Museum that day. I felt that pain to the core of my being. To see the lack of humanity that contributed to these crimes made me take a step back and know assuredly that evil does in fact exist.

Looking at the pictures and reading the history invokes in me the same emotions I get as I read about slavery, lynchings, and Jim Crow. To not feel the loss of humanity and the killing of innocents, proves that some have not evolved to the level of what is intended by God of what a human is supposed to be and proves that many are on the bestial level.

As a Muslim, I find it hard to believe that many of us wont recognize this atrocity especially when Allah (swt) often speaks about how the killing of one innocent life is like the killing of all humanity. I know and history bears witness to the fact that there were true Muslims during the holocaust that risked their lives to protect and save Jews from the Nazi’s.

Those in Albania, Turkey, Tunisia, and other places understood that Allah (swt) calls us to fight against the oppressor and be a champion for the persecuted. They understood that Allah (swt) told us that persecution is worse than slaughter. They understood that Allah (swt) told us to rid the world of evil and replace it with good. They remembered that Allah (swt) stated that it is the duty of the righteous Muslim to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil.

I pray these tales are told.

The one thing that I don’t get is why many Muslims and Jews won’t use this shared history to help build bridges. Both groups understand persecution quite well and while there were many from each group who were the persecutor, there were also many who were the liberator.

May Allah (swt) bless and guide those with the spirit of liberation. Ameen.

My point is, we need to end this crap. Human suffering is human suffering. Our religions should never be a catalyst to help increase suffering but to ease, deter, and end human suffering the world over.

Let us all remember the Holocaust, Slavery, and even the atrocities of today as a reminder of what can happen when apathy replaces action and silence increases injustice.

In the last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (saw) he reminded us that Allah (swt) recognizes no superiority over race or nationality. Allah (swt) only judges between righteousness.

Whether your American, Iraqi, Sudanese, Israeli, Palestinian, black, white, yellow, purple, Christian, Muslim, or Jew any innocent man, woman, or child who has been killed due to the actions of others in war, peace, terrorism, or anything else, are exactly the same. No life lost is superior to another, nor is any life lost more worthy of news and remembrance than another.

Who fights for these victims? Who’s willing to stand up and stop their slaughter? Who has the courage to be righteous for righteousness sake?

It took those of honor, courage, commitment, and righteousness to stand up and fight for the Jews during the Holocaust.

Where are those people today?


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  1. Thank you so much for this article. When the righteous keep quiet, the mad take over our communities. I have recently returned from Yad Veshem, and purchased a book called BESA which looks at the contribution that Muslims of Albania made during the holocaust – how they risked their lives to save the lives of the Jewish people – and all in the name of Islam, because they saw it as their duty to protect the weak from the tyrants. How sad that today, we repeat the same atrocities in the name of religion, democracy and freedom – it does take great courage to say no to violence and yes to peace – Was-salam


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