Muslims and Obama

I know I’m not the only one who has noticed, but the Senator Barack Obama candidacy for President has invoked a lot of emotions. (duh) However, the most prevalent is that of pseudo racist kind.

I cannot particularly prove that people are racist, hence the term “pseudo” however, the rhetoric being thrown about is borderline racist if there is a such a thing.

Now I have heard the argument time and time again the “Muslim” isn’t a race and that is true, but the intention and the mindset that promotes bigotry towards Muslims has the same origin.

That is why I write this today. It is quite obvious that it’s not OK today in America to just say you don’t want a black man to run for President or that your upset that a black man has made it this far, so those who feel this way have come up with a “clever” tactic to mask those beliefs and mask their bigotry in other ways. The main way they do so is by floating the oft repeated lie that Obama is a Muslim.

This is sickening because not only is Obama not a Muslim, but to use it as a smear and suggesting he is shows a great disdain for Muslims in general. “Muslim” has now become a bigoted slur and a means of slander. So much so, that Obama now feels the need to go out of his way to prove his non-Muslimnes which is equally demeaning.

So the “madrassa” rumor has somewhat died, but now they are going after his Pastor and of course Minister Farrakhan. When that doesn’t work the constant mantra is the recitation of “Hussein”, the Senators middle name in order to rally the backward, bigoted types like Bill Cunningham did yesterday at the McCain rally (kudos Sen McCain for speaking against that crap)

I was also disappointed in Hillary Clinton in last nights debate. Even though I don’t support her and honestly don’t care much for her, I still respected her enough to not suspect that she would stoop to the level she did last night by somehow scaring up support by suggesting that Senator Obama wanted Minister Farrakhan’s support. I’m glad Obama showed how petty she was being by “rejecting and denouncing” in order to shut her up.

Now as far as right wing commentators go and their flock, there is no doubt in my mind that when they say “Barack Hussein Obama” all they are doing is reinforcing bigotry and hatred toward Muslims as a dirty, evil thing, that no one should want to be. Stating Obama’s middle name is a codeword to say “Hey this guys a Muslim, don’t trust those Muslims”. They can try and hide it all they want but it’s quite obvious what they are doing and it is sickening at best.

It’s especially sickening to me because I am part of a chorus of American Muslims who serve this nation daily and to be blatantly insulted in this way is to spit at our service. To me, it’s no different than the black soldiers of WWI, WWII, and others who fought and died just to come home and be treated as less than equals and subhuman. Muslims have fought and served in every war as well, and when commentators spew this venom that anything Muslim is a slur it’s akin to going to Arlington National Cemetery and kicking over the Muslim headstones.  It’s as to say that we are less American or less human because their lives and careers ride on the promotion of this type of hate.

These same people made being black a bad thing in America and now they are doing it for Muslims. Barack Obama said he is a Christian, why not leave that alone? These undercover racists and open bigots are just getting started. They are trying to get the good ole boys, down home types, etc. riled up by insinuating and lying about his religion as well as bringing up his heritage and race. This is why pictures of Obama in African garb, or pictures of his Kenyan grandmother are circulating around the net.

As a Muslim, this is why I took so long for me to openly state my support for Obama. I knew the racists would spin that support to say that Obama is a Muslim because Muslims support him. It’s insulting because they insinuate about my intelligence about politics and at the same time mock my religion. The way you know it’s crystal clear that they are bigots is due to the fact that there are many Muslim Republicans some serving in government and Muslim Republican blogs like Is President Bush a Muslim, since Muslims largely supported him in 2000? Is Mike Huckabee a Muslim because Muslims support his candidacy?

The truth of the matter is when it comes to politics Muslims are largely conservative agreeing with many “Republican” talking points, I have alluded to that many times on this very blog. However, for the racists that link to this blog as a talking point, know that there is ample evidence against your satanic hearts. I don’t agree with every policy point of Obama’s or the Democratic party for that matter, but as an American who loves his country so much that I even did what many of you are afraid of doing (serving), I want to see my beloved nation go in a new and better direction. I believe Obama is the best candidate to do that.

It is truly amazing at the historic potential of this election cycle whether it’s Clinton or Obama, but at the same time it’s obvious that America still has a problem with race. These race baiter’s and scaremongers are trying to make it so that Muslim and black Americans have to be coy about our support for Obama. They should be ashamed of themselves, but since they aren’t I hope they die out with their grandparents who helped sustain the culture of hate and ignorance in the not so distant past against those who were “different”.


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  1. I’m so glad someone has finally said this out loud. I’ve had a half-written post for weeks now which essentially says “Why is it we would NEVER say outloud – ‘Don’t vote for Obama, he might be black!’ but yet it is totally legitimate to say “Don’t vote for Obama, he might be Muslim.”

    When I first heard this rumor I was doubly stunned. First, that people thought he was a Muslim and second, that they thought this was an insult.

    *shakes head*


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