Martin Luther King or Malcolm X ?


So I was on a message board that I belong to and this question was asked:

“Why is Martin Luther King heralded as the father of the civil rights movement and Malcolm X given little to no credit for his hard work?

Why dont we have a Malcolm X day? “

It was a very good question on the surface that stirred much debate that delved into several other debates such as which one of the two were greater or what each represented to blacks and why, etc. etc. However, the one thing that I thought was missing is the discussion of these two in the context of spirituality and God, which is the essence of who they are and what they tried to not only accomplish, but inspire us as black people to accomplish for ourselves. Below is my response, I thought it was pretty good and felt it a good thing to share it here. A special thanks goes out to the poster Omega for stirring in me these ideas and allowing us the opportunity to take a hard look at both Dr. Marting Luther King and Malcolm X may Allah (swt) be pleased with you.

My response:

So I read this whole thing, and I was going to stay quite, but the one thing that annoys me with these discussions particularly on this board is why are we worried about a holiday?

If one wanted to honor either of these two heroes, truly honor them, then we would embrace, live, and stand up for what they believed in which is God.

Brother Martin believed in a God exemplified in His Christ (as) that Paul remarked “Let THIS MIND be in you as it was in Christ Jesus”. What was that mind? It was the mind that said “If ye are to be my true disciples, you must be willing to pick up your cross, die daily, and follow me” It was that mind that said “of my own will I can do nothing…it is the will of He that is in me…”

Therefore, Br. Martin knew that in this life as long as you have faith in a mustard seed, you can do all things through Christ (as) that strengthens all of us and as such he embarked on a mission where he knew the cross was heavy to bear, he knew he would get talked about, be despised, rejected, attacked, and eventually killed, but he only looked to the cross and served God by doing what needed to be done. We would be wise to live that example. We love to talk about MLK’s Dream, but the true dream is realized in that faith which he represented.  Now how many of you are willing to stop living the way you are living and devote yourself entirely and be born again into that thinking, faith, and mission?

Br. Malcolm Al-Hajj Malik Shabazz, believed in that same God, yet implemented a little different, but the same, yet we perceive not, through another Prophet (saw). He believed in a Merciful, Compassionate, and Beneficent God, but a God of Justice nonetheless. He believed and served a God who said in His Quran that He “helps those who are first willing to help themselves.” He also said in His book that “persecution is worse than slaughter, so enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil,” and stand up with all your might against falsehood, persecution, oppression, and injustice in the world, but at the very least hate it in your heart. Br. Shabazz knew that like those messengers of God, may peace and blessings be upon them, that we may all have to go through something to establish His will and deliver our people. Whether we have to leave our family like Abraham (as), stand up to a mighty Pharaoh like Moses (as), led to slaughter even by our own like Jesus (as), or be persecuted and denied by your own like Muhammad (saw), Br. Shabazz knew that they all were examples and prototypes of who we are and who we could become and on their shoulders he stood and with his faith in Almighty God he stood on truth and practiced and lived it! He was willing to go from a dead, bestial, existence on a horizontal level, and be re-educated, and uplifted into righteous existence living upright as an example and guide for us. Yet how many of us are willing to do that?

My overall point is, when we are ready and truly willing to honor these two heroes our actions will manifest that honor. To do so is to honor He whom they honored first and foremost, and our works will bear witness to their and our testimonies. So let’s stop the who is greater debate and who should have what day, because greater is He that created and sustained them for He Alone is the One worthy of all worship and praise, He is the Lord of all the worlds.

May these words reach you all in Peace,

As Salaam Alaikum



  1. We should have a Malcom X day as well as Martin. I don’t see why our leaders or our people won’t fight for our brother Malcom it makes no sense. I was interested in purchasing this particular picture in print or in poster form. Could you please direct me to the copyrights of this picture of Martin and Malcom which I lovingly call it “The Meeting”. Thank you for all your efforts.


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