Some Christians Kill me with their lies about Islam!

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You know, I would much rather close the year out with a simple New Years message, but my blood has been boiling over a week to a degree and I have been waiting to vent.  Had I not come down with the flu or something, I would have addressed this on my radio show this past Thursday, but I cancelled because of my illness.  I will most certainly address this on my first show of the New Year which is actually January 1st.

By “this” I mean the continual lying that tends to go on with some Christians as it relates to Islam.  Now I tend to touch on this every now and then, but more so indirectly because I don’t tend to get too much flak from Christians in general, however sometimes it gets so crazy that I feel that if I don’t say something I will explode!

Over the last few weeks some things have changed.  On my show for instance, my co-host and I decided to theme several shows around “Christmas” but from a “Muslim” (our) perspective.  We knew ahead of time, this was departing from our norm as we don’t ordinarily rile up some Christians in this way.  However, we did it anyway with the intention of at least exposing the practices without trying to attack the religion….which worked for the most part.

Then on the last to shows of December, a Minister decided to come into my live chat during the show blasting (or so he thought) Islam.  His “attacks” were totally uncalled for and I started to just ignore him, however the Marine in me can’t seem to back down from a good fight.Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not theoretically against debate, because I truly believe debate is a good thing; however I believe that when one is debating it should be on the basis of respect and with the best facts one can present.  In these exchanges as there are many, which of course provoked this writing; it seems that when dealing with certain Christians those rules are not followed. 

Often, I will just shy from the debate because I get tired of repeating myself against the same old tired accusations, but in these last several weeks I decided that I’m no longer doing that.  Many Muslims just sit back and let these “evangelicals”, “missionaries”, etc. (and not all of them) say what they want and we continue the high road, meanwhile lies and insults are hurled our way and more and more are convinced that the lies are true. 

Therefore, I have decided that I won’t let in happen on my watch.From now on as it relates to debate against Islam I’m going to treat it as General order number one in the Marine Corps, with “slight” modification:  ….To walk my post in an Islamically truthful manner, keeping always on the alert, and observing all things within sight or hearing….

My post is Islam and all that it represents.  I plan to defend that post against the lies and accusations, especially from these rogue Christians.

Now what do I mean?  One of the lies that are often told involve whether Islam is violent.  These Christians continually cite random verses or Hadith to support their claim then look to the news as evidence that those things are truly believed in the Islamic world.  However, the constant hypocrisy on their part is they completely ignore the literal thousands of contrary verses and hadith to their 20-30 talking points.  The hypocrisy comes in when they don’t apply the same “logic” to their own book.  Case in point:  I could easily rattle off 100 verses in both the Old and New Testament that “justify” a number of things from war with infidels, to the subjugation of women, minorities, etc.  And any Christian would rebut with the statement that I have to look at the “context” of the verse, chapter, book, etc. to get the true meaning.  But if a Muslim says the same thing about the Quran, then we are ignored.

Then they cite the current events as “facts”.  They completely ignore the truth that you couldn’t even equate violence by Muslims as equal to 1-2% of ALL Muslims.  The fact that a billion plus Muslims are not bothering anyone eludes them.  It’s a non-issue, the fact that Muslims have been in this country for centuries without incident eludes them.  Facts in general elude them.  I have come to the conclusion that it’s not about truth with them, it’s about spreading lies in the vain attempts for several things to include: wealth, notoriety, conversion, etc.  A whole industry has popped up after 9/11 and many of these so-called Christians are at the forefront ensuring that it stays strong.The biggest thing that kills me with these hypocrites is this idea that they call themselves Christian.  Now, the way I was raised in the Church, I was taught that Christians were supposed to be about truth, peace, and love.  What I’m seeing these days is the direct opposite when it comes to Muslims.  Now some of the golden-tongued missionaries will say that their “truth” is because they love us and want us “saved”, but the reality is that if that is the case, then one should at least tell the truth in the first place.

Case in point:  A Christian associate of mine gave me a pamphlet on Christmas of all days that was like one of those Jehovah’s Witness pamphlets that pretty much slam your beliefs in order to make you convert to theirs.   Now ordinarily I wouldn’t have gotten offended, because I expect that if you believe in something that you believe is a good thing, that you should share it, however, all I ask is that one tells the truth.  Show me why your beliefs are better; let the facts stand on their own merit.

So I look at this book titled “Allah has no son” as if that is an insult  🙂  , and page by page lie after lie, after lie, after lie, is told about Islam, while at the same time uplifting Christianity.  I had the weirdest emotion it was between gut wrenching laughter and being furious.  Some of the biggest lies were the image that all Muslims are Arab as given by the example of the Muslims in the comic being all Saudi, another that got me was the idea that there was enough nerve to try and equate Islam with Paganism………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought to myself, now how brazen is that!  Christianity calling Islam Pagan!  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!  Now make no mistake I pull many, many punches on this blog and my show, because I don’t like to offend people.  However, one with any little bit of religious studies background knows why that is outright comical at best.  But the furious part is not the statement in of itself but the well dressed lies that are told to perpetuate the statement.

Case in point:  The common myth of the word “Allah”.  Many a Christian has levied this one over and over again that “Allah” is some “other” god or the moon god.  There only backdrop is that there was “a” god named “Allah” in pre-Islamic Arabia.  Now anyone with a little logic can see that as a joke.  It’s like me looking at a brown house and based off that make the declaration that all houses are brown! 🙂

What I can’t wrap my mind around is how they came to this conclusion in their “scholarship”.  Either they are just stupid, or they are purposefully lying.  The argument is with linguistics plain and simple.  In English, every time we refer to a supreme being we use the word god.  Any English speaking person of any religion uses that word.  “God” is masculine in English and because of the language can be made feminine “goddess” or plural “gods”; therefore, some English speaking people of religion use other words to be definitive.  Some Pagans for instance, instead of saying god and goddess may say instead, Odin and Isis….. 

The point is most people with sense, realize that when one says “god” in English what is inferred and then for further clarification the actual religion has to define what they actually mean.Now the rules change when the language changes….”duh” So these same self-serving Christians impose the rules of English on another language and therefore, make the lie that “Allah” must identify something different than what is ordinarily inferred.  The mistake on the listener if they listen to their lies is that when switching languages one needs to translate! In the case of Arabic they would find that the English equivalent to the word “Allah” is “THE GOD” it comes from the Arabic Al = The Illah = God.  Therefore, when Arabic speaking people say “Allah” they are saying the same thing as English speaking people when the Arabic is translated into English.  Which is why just as I whose native tongue is English has no problem saying God, an Arabic speaking Christian likewise has no problem saying Allah.  This is also why in an English translation of the Quran the word is God and in an Arabic Bible the word is Allah.  This seems pretty simple to me.

But not when you’re telling lies….purposeful ones, because then there is the matter of clarification if my explanation is reasoned out.They will then allege that we mean some “moon god” and state that as evidence we use the crescent as our symbol.  Huge mistake yet again on the part of those who believe that lie!

Was there a “moon god” in pre-Islam Arabia?  Probably, but if “The God” is always called “Allah” in Arabic, doesn’t it make sense that the religion would have to clarify what they mean?  For instance, If I knew nothing of Christianity and went to a Pagan rite where they spoke of “The God” in English of course then heard some Christians refer to their being as “God” would I make sense in stating that they both believe the same thing because the name is the same?  Would it equally make sense to tell Arabic speaking Christians and Jews that they believe in a moon god because they use the word “Allah” too?

Absolutely not. 

That is why the Quran is quite clear in this regard, something these “Christians” seem to miss in their “research”.

2:136 Say: “We believe in God, and in that which has been bestowed from on high upon us, and that which has been bestowed upon Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and, their descendants, and that which has been vouchsafed to Moses and Jesus; and that which has been vouchsafed to all the [other] prophets by their Sustainer: we make no distinction between any of them. And it is unto Him that we surrender ourselves.”

Now here it is crystal clear in our book in our religion that makes it quite clear what we mean when we refer to God.  How they mess that up I don’t know. (Lies of course) The truth of the matter is thus; let’s say there is a moon god named “Allah” that has no bearing on the Christian, Muslim, or Jew who calls God “Allah” in Arabic because between the three religions they define what they believe about that name “Allah” and that should be enough.  So either we all believe in “moon gods” or we believe as we say we believe.  The only other alternative is to say that Muslims believe in a different Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jesus, etc. (pbut) then what Jews and Christians believe! 🙂

But I digress… Then there is the whole “crescent” thing.  The crescent in Islam is used because we believe that is when the Quran was revealed during a crescent moon during Ramadan!!!!!!  It’s that simple.  The symbol is just that a symbol, a reminder of what we believe is important about our religion.  In this case the revelation of God.  Do other religions past in present use a crescent?  Certainly, but once again, you have to ask those groups why they use said symbol.  If it where as easy as these Christians make it out to be, then certainly the Christians need to re-evaluate their usage of the cross or the fish, because both can be equated with paganism, well before Jesus (pbuh).  The fish can be pices and the cross representing the elements…..but I need not go into paganism.

The point is anyone with common sense will know that symbols mean different things to different people and groups and it’s up to said group to define their use.  It’s only arrogance, ignorance, or straight out and out lying that ignores that fact.I could go on and on about this and I surely intend to over the coming year on this blog and my show so stay tuned.Overall, it’s just outright disgusting that people will call themselves a Christian when their words and actions are so vile that they prove other than that.  As Muslims we believe that truth manifests itself.  If their religion is so great and better, then why does it need all that extra “assistance”?  Why do you have to purposefully lie about another religion in order to get people to come to yours?

The truth of the matter is people come to Islam based on truth.  They read and reason it out for themselves.  It is very rare on the whole that converts were coerced in any way into coming to Islam.  In fact, the Quran says that there is to be no coercion in matters of religion, truth stands clear from falsehood. 

However, Christians on the other hand have to market and sell their religion.  They have ads in the newspaper, flyers, billboards, cable TV ads, channels, and shows.  They knock on your door; prospect you in the street, etc. etc. etc. 

Let’s be real for a minute:  How many other religions do that?  Not the Jews, Not the Hindu’s, Sheiks, etc. 

Just Christians. 

To make matters worse, the US is 74-76% Christian!!!!!! So what’s the point?  I mean if the religion is so right compared to others, you would think the other 25% or so of the country would naturally join in with the majority right? 

We would be so impressed and leave our “inferior” religions and rush to be “saved”.  But for some reason Christians feel the need to market in person and using every medium possible……seems awfully strange to me considering the grip on the market. 

The only time you ordinarily see that in a real world example is when a business knows they are loosing a share of their market and fear going under all together! 

These corporations will do anything to stay on top.  They will use all their resources to keep in power.  More importantly they will use every dirty trick in the book to keep the small and emerging markets and companies down or eradicate them.

How do they do that?  False information, lies, deceit, whatever it takes.

Maybe it’s just me, but these Christians and these Mega Corporations have much in common. 

My question is why do they fear Islam so much that they have to lie?  If Christianity is the truth, since Islam is “false” it should pose no threat and given it’s “market” in the US, should just fade away as a fad right? 

If I had 75% of the market why would I waste so many resources and energy trying to stop a “bad product”?

There must be a reason……… 🙂 


  1. some fear Islam because they believe it to be associated with the terrorist outrages. In a sense, these people are myopic and only see the “bad” and do not see that the religion is about peace. Hopefully more people will see the religion positively. Rgs.


    1. Brothers and sisters, I am a Muslim, let’s not paint all Christians with the same brush, in fact these people are not Christians, they claim to be.
      Some among them disguise themselves and call themselves ex Muslims who found Jesus, half of them don’t even know the very basics of Islam’s teachings, like how many Rakaat are there per day and how many Rakkat are Sunna things like that, but they make yourtube videos to pretend they were Muslims who left Islam lol so pathetic.

      If you people have not yet read the book written by Kenneth Craig “The call of the Minarets” This book in fact is a guide for these missionaries on how to trick Muslims in the muslim world, like Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Middle east, North Africa and beyond.
      It’s mind boggling to what length they can go in order to deceive people on both side of the argument, on one hand they want to keep their flocks (revenues) at the same time they try and convert as many as possible, using all the dirty tricks in the book. Those present in north Africa for instance are called “Les pères blancs” Translating as the white fathers, many were arrested and expelled others go undercover, they pose as teachers, businessmen, scientists, educators, travellers, drifters you name it.
      They often exploit the social. political, and economical issues of the country by promising all kinds of things to the inexperienced youth of these countries, the desperate, etc… It will take pages to explain all the things they do.
      This article is accurate on every point he mentioned and I believe it’s our duty to counter these liars along with lies, most of them are the elite’s pawns, they usually recruit them and train them while in some centres, prisons, etc..
      David Wood is a prime example of these so called missionaries who found Jesus, yeah right, a psychopath who wanted to murder his parents now he is a good man.

      The crescent moon symbol was actually introduced by a Jewish freemason Islam hater, homosexual Kemal Ataturk when he took over the power in Turkey after the fall of the Ottoman empire, he was no Muslim he was an atheist Crypto-Jew, who hated Islam, Muslims, and the Quran.
      Muslims did NOT use symbols throughout their history, they used three main colours, they didn’t even use writings on their flags, they used three distinct colours, Green for prosperity, White for peace, Black during war time.
      Some idiots think because one of the Quraish goddess was called ALAT they think ALLAH is the same as ALAT some fools.
      They don’t realise that Muhammad destroyed those statutes, if he believed in any pagan God he wouldn’t have destroyed them, stupid so called Christians. I say so called because they are *NOT* they are a disgrace to Christianity.
      They spout hatred and lies against Muslims and Islam, in a hope that we do the same and therefore they get what they want, creating tensions between the two communities, keep them separated and control both sides, we should NOT allow them to divide us, even if we disagree with our Christian brothers and sisters there is NO reason for us to be enemies, we should not allow these liars to succeed.
      I would suggest to anyone who wants to learn about Islam is to pick a Quran and read each AYA (in its context) and the same with a Hadeeth, you need to get the authenticity through an unbroken Isnad, people like Ibn Ishaq are not reliable as he never uses reliable sources.
      Peace to all


  2. Good morning! Thank you for sharing your perspective – this is my first time to your blog, but I hope to be back often. I am a committed Christian (and American) yet I strongly agree with nearly everything you said about Christians and their treatment of Muslims and Islam. I am very saddened and upset by this myself and do try to raise awareness as much as I can.

    I very much enjoy learning about people and diversity, and have studied many cultures, religions, etc, and found beauty in all of them. I have found that the vast majority of people in the world are inspired to make good choices, but are limited by their own perspectives. As a result, there are “idiots” in every group, and so much suffering is caused by well meaning “idiots.” When you say that (some) Christians are either lying or stupid, I would disagree. The things you list as common sense are common sense to someone who has had the benefit of seeing from various perspectives, learning various languages, learning intimately those who are different from you. This is something that many Americans have not done, and so even wise, educated, well meaning people can end up looking “stupid” or “lying.” I do not in any way mean to defend their (our?) actions and statements, and if there was a way I could apologize for my whole group I would quickly do so. But I do want to defend at least their hearts and intentions – they do not know what they are doing. At the same time, as said above, I have found that most people in the world suffer from this same lack of perspective in one area or another. I think our main task as a human race in this global world is to learn to know this about ourselves while not demonizing those who’s lack of perspective causes pain for ourselves.

    Oh, and just a point of trivia – in Chicago where I live there is a large billboard advertising Islam, so Christians are not the only marketers. More than anything, I think this marketing is a symptom of the American consumer culture – Christians and others simply think of this as the obvious way to function (though I would agree with you that it is not).

    Thank you again for this, and I look forward to learning more with you in the future.


  3. Peace and Blessings be upon you Catherine,

    Welcome to my blog and thank you for your great commentary. I will agree that I didn’t give a broad enough definition to include “intention”. I was primarily focusing on the pamphlets. I truly believe that in order to produce a pamphlet with the expressed intention of discrediting another religion, one has to have come across information contrary to their own. It’s the science of spin. Good debators and politicians always weigh their arguments and seriously analyze their position good and bad. What makes them successful is they find a way to manipulate their strong points while ignoring the weak ones and or watering them down.

    The same is with the missionary of any religion. Every religion when looked at with an unbiased eye (if that’s truly possible) has strong and weak points. Many always promote the good and ignore the bad. So like I said I can’t see how one can get away with giving Islamic sources in their condemnation and then claim ignorance when one can show in many instances that a verse or two later refutes their claim.

    That is why I believe when it comes to them, there is a diliberate thing going on.

    Now when it comes to the nominal Christian believer, Minister, etc. who isn’t familiar with Islam but still have their beliefs against it, I can perfectly except that they mean well and are just ignorant of the subject. I wasn’t talking about them. This group may be telling and spreading falsehoods, but may not even know it. However, rest assured their is an industry out there who purposely do what they do and this is what often shapes the opinion of the ignorant who repeat what they say verbatim.

    Lastly, thanks for the tidbit on Chicago, I wasn’t aware:) It would be awesome if you can get a photo of the billboard, I have never heard of such a thing!

    However, I would like to say that one billboard in Chicago or even several thousand, doesn’t quite distract from my statement, given the shear volume of the marketing done by many Christian groups. It’s safe to say given the statistics that it’s more of a statistical truth that “Christians” by and large believe in marketing their religion to others by any means, than other groups who prefer one on one dialog or do nothing at all.


  4. Making excusea by pointing to another wrong does not justify your position. two wrongs does not a right make is the old saying.


  5. I am sorry to say but Islam is in fact a religion of much violence. In the histories of Muhumad, the islamic prophet we can find that this man who declared peace also ordered a massive number of Christians to be killed, and took some to fight on the front lines of the war against the Israilites, knowing they would be the first to be killed. In opposition he continually spoke of peace, and any man who is not of Islam faith must be killed. God’s spirit if a spirit of Love and affection, that’s why the Quran mentions Christ and His salvation, yet the Bible , the old testament makes no mention to Muhumad. I know he existed, but why is he not mentioned? I thought about htis quesion for long, and some of my Muslim friends who want to learn more ask me why?
    I came to the conclusion that no man on earth compares or has compared to the living Messiah who practiced what he preached. He came and humbled himself and surrendered his deity by washing his deciples feet at the Last Supper He had with them, as a example of how we shall live our lives. He spoke of peace and always practiced it, no history of Christ was truly found speaking againt Him, but the only problem people had with him really, is that he practice healing and miracles on the Day of the Sabath… thats all they got? wow..
    Jesus is proven to be who He said because he showed himself to 500 witnesses after His resurrection; it is recorded in the Bible by a multitude of people. Also , on an important note, if Jesus did not resurect what do you think happened to His body? The enemy took it? Noo.. can’t be! If they would have, dont you think they would expose it, and then Christianity would be over?? If the deciples stole it from the tomb, dont you thin k that on the day they were confronted to be killed and stoned by the head of the Jew coucils and enemies of Christ, they would admit ” ok ok ! we took it!!!” and not die for a lie! Wouldn’t someone tell the truth and save their lives? Thats how I know Isa Al Masih is the truth and the way… He proved it!
    Peace be upon you all who read this, I am not writing this as form of attack, but as a form of light for those who are looking to reason with the Bible and Quran.. now which one makes sense..! I hope God will enlighten your minds as He has done for me, and may He always lead you.


  6. Authority comes by sumbmission… not by dogging and manipulating the weaker vessels… Thta’s why Christ has risen and God bestowed Him with a name higher than all, mentioned in all… because he submitted his divine priveleges and lived life as a man, to the point of death on a cross,,,, .. Does one not get the message and the true purpose of Isa? . Dying on that cross for our salvation,.. yours too.. do you know what that means? He loves all!


  7. Just for the record, I only approved these latest comments by Andrada R. so that the readers of my blog can see what is out there.

    It’s a shame that some use twisted logic to get a point across.

    Islam is violent, just like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. is violent. To try and get the beam out of one while ignoring the other is falsehood made manifest.

    Secondly, trying to use Arabic words in your Christianity Missionary tactic is easily picked apart with a trained eye.

    Your logic about witnesses is false, when you can’t name the witnesses, it’s also false when you can’t even name the author(s) of the testament that was supposedly witnessed.

    Furthermore, whether Muhammad (saw) is in the Bible or not, doesn’t have any bearing on the truth of the message. That’s called a diversionary tactic.

    Now I could debate that he is mentioned, as well as Mecca and several prophecies, but since I begin with the premise that the Bible isn’t in tact and original anyway, I wouldn’t matter, because you could just use a different Bible that doesn’t contain those versus.

    Lastly, another missionary tactic is to try and talk about the Prophet’s (saw) life and denigrate it and then compare it to Jesus (as), falsehood on two points:

    1: The life of the Prophet (saw) has no bearing as to whether of not the message was true. While I could debate every so-called “proof” text you source, it would have nothing to do with what Islam actually teaches.

    2: You can’t compare Jesus (as) life to anybody, because we don’t have any evidence on what it detailed anywhere near Muhammad’s (saw). What we do have is a bunch of text by unknown authors and unknown witnesses that are accepted as faith.

    Using terms like Isa Al Masih (you left out Ibn Maryam) will not change the obvious that you are using dated missionary tactics.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂


  8. Hello Friend,
    I appreciate this site. As an Individual whom Believes in God I have studied somewhat the many sacred Texts. Torah, The New Testament, Zend Avesta, Tao Te Ching, Starting with the Rig Veda, Very little of the Quran (Would you recommend a good translation of the Quran?)

    I personally have come to a singular conclusion. People of most religions have shed far more than there share of blood.

    The reason in my honest opinion simply being that God is of the Infinite, And we are of the Finite, Then how can we Define God? In doing so don’t we portray god as Finite? We are gods only limiting factor in this world.

    I heard a story about rainbows awhile ago that seemed right on.
    Metaphor Here

    When we examine a rainbow to look from different angles changes the experience.
    As we all know none of us can actually touch a Rainbow, why is this??
    Simple Its Not There, What is there is the Light Reflecting upon mist and Water.
    We are all Seeing the Same light, From Different Angles.
    We are not gods limitation(god is limitless) But we attempt to Define God.

    Therefore we are presenting god as Finite/Defined

    I apprectiate the Teachings of Jesus, Peace Be Upon Him. Those of Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.

    I would hereby like to Put Forth a Buddhist teaching that I think almost anyone would agree with

    In times of war
    Give rise in yourself to the mind of compassion,
    Helping living beings
    Abandon the will to fight.

    Blessings to you


  9. It is so interesting to read all this discussion. I am Christian, so I may be biased. But I agree that everyone is taught different things, hence see things in different angle, and may get some facts wrong. I was told that Muslim’s Allah was referred to the Moon God. Now I know it is not true. Great! But it won’t affect my belief. And for Christian trying so hard to “market” their religion. I do have some words on that. If I am wrong, someone please tell me.

    Christian are commanded by Jesus to spread the gospel or “market Christianity”, because he want everyone to be saved. Now for your argument why we need to “market” it when you know it is right, is because other people doesn’t know is right and good. It is our job assigned by God to let everyone have a chance to hear the gospel, this includes people who lives far away from the modern world. Obviously, there are some people who do take this command very seriously, and try everything they can to convince other which can become troublesome. Yet their intention is justified and people should not feel offended because of it.

    As for the large sum of Christian in US, I beg to differ. The fact is most of them are not Christian. They say they are, but they don’t live it, so they are not. I can tell you that Christian are really fearing the Muslim because they do a much better job to keep their faith strong and passed it on to their children. Of course, that doesn’t make them the “real” religion (at least not to Christian) . But it does mean that Christian have to work harder to live out their faith, to spread the gospel


  10. Clearly the fact that Muslims attack WTC and the Pentagon demonstrates the general militant and warlike nature of all Muslims, just like the actions of the KKK demonstrate that all white people are racist thugs, and that since somebody somewhere had a bad experience with an Asian person driving, that all Asians are incapable of operating a motor vehicle.

    It’s simple logic.


  11. christian evangelists think that by insulting our noble prophet and telling lies against him they can cover the light of islam from people to see.people are now going behind the veil to discover the truth about islam, and the evangelists are now frightened because they are definitely going to lose market.


  12. nigerian christians behave the same way telling lies against muslims .they kill muslims and sponsore wahhabi boko haram to kill muslims, but dissiminate false information that muslims kill christians. now that christian president jonathan has stolen more than $100bs and gave some to churches, christians are saying if he is not reelected nigeria will burn


  13. weldone job. if christians feel that christianity is the only sure way to god and that islam is false, let them present the true picture of the two religions for people to judge whey they say so, not by blackmail and lies. we muslims have an opportunity to know from the quranic stories the true nature of christianity right from the time of jesus and how the true teaching of jesus was corrupted and this arguement is yet to be successfully debunked and dismissed by christian shcolars.the christians , on the other hand, have no proper understanding of islamic concepts and therefore resort to distortions and sometimes lieswhile talking about islamic concepts. in other words muslims know the target to hit with utmost accuracy, while christians hit muslisms know that catholics believe in trinity where god consists of 3 entities that make one god before concluding that that doctrine is is wrong and it tantamounts to kufr(infidelity). but christians by mere seing muslims using crescent as symbol they concluded that muslims worship moon-god called allah worshiped by pagan arabs before islam without any proof that it is so .there are so many instancies of such blunders by christian scholars. lies and false will not sustain christianity. such strategy is now leading christianity to total collapse


  14. All I can say is may ALLAH have mercy on all the non-muslim I believe in my God and no christian will ever change my belief. Stop trying to “sell” your religion(christianity). Let’s be simple: you worship your “God” and we will worship ours…In the end you will eventually find out who the true God really is..But by then it will be too late! Unfortunately


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