349 Days….

That’s all we have ladies and gentlemen until we elect the next President of the United States.  I suggest we begin to internalize the importance of this remaining time and use it as a catalyst to ensure that we understand the weight of this decision and truly evaluate the credentials, ideas, and leadership ability the candidates have.

Personally, I believe that America truly needs a change.  Having two families lead the country over 3 decades truly speaks against the idea that Americans are innovative, inspiring, and open to new ideas.  We need a President that is cut from a different cloth and can speak to issues of policy both domestic and foreign with a fresh approach.

Like no other time in modern history since the days of FDR or JFK do we really need to be inspired and optimistic about the future of this country and the world.  I for one will be voting for the candidate regardless of party, who will make me believe again.  One who will inspire me to be a better American and inspire others to do the same.  One who will restore our name in the world and promote the values at the core of this nation that have driven the world into the modern era and promoted change across the globe.

I can in no way see how so-called Washington experience over 30 years, makes one that much more credible than a candidate that doesn’t have the same resume.  I mean after all, if several candidates are that experienced and America is in the state it is today, then they are part of the problem and are those from whom we should look at not as agents of change, but those from whom we should see what we shouldn’t be doing.

I mean theres allot to be said about experience in government….as advisor’s, but when it comes to shaping a nation around a vision, out with the old and in with the new, because what is old has not worked.

We need a reformer, an innovator, one who isn’t afraid to learn, overcome, and adapt to this countries needs and growing problems.  Washington insiders are best left in Washington inside where they allow increasing budgets, warmongering, and corporate greed.  Meanwhile the average citizens are losing their homes (or can’t afford one in the first place), losing their jobs, can’t properly educate their children, can’t afford health care, food, or even gas to heat the home or fill up at the pump.

I say all this because I believe that change begins with “I” instead of waiting on “we” and if I have anything to share, it’s my thoughts in hopes that others share my thoughts and together we can share with others of us and so on and so on.  Eventually, together we can restore that which has been lost, create that which will be better, and rid ourselves of that best left in the past.

In 349 Days, let’s change the course.


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