My Confederate Flag Hate or Herritage Post!

OK I get the point.  Now could you stop it already?  Normally I would thank people for driving my numbers up, but this is ridiculous.  OK you love the flag and hate my commentary on it, I get it, but when one post accounts for almost half of my daily total views almost everyday and I posted it in February of 2007, something has to give!

Granted, I love the fact that my blog is read around the globe, but I would love for it to be popular because people want to read and discuss the American Muslim experience, not because people want to continue the debate about a flag!

Look, I believe the image of said flag is tainted, why that is obviously is debatable,  compared to the history of other flags…completely irrelevant to the discourse.  The overall point is not whether or not those visiting my site in numbers to support the flag are racists or not, most are probably not, but why it is that in the eyes of many black people the flag is perceived the way it is.

In every comment on this popular post, no one has addressed that, other than calling me ignorant or giving me a lecture on history and comparative flag history.

It’s kind of like the whole point of this blog.  I don’t spend most of my time writing about how I am not a terrorist, I try to explore the depths of what it means to be a Muslim and share with non-Muslims another perspective, nothing more or less.  Through my rantings, God willing, the image of Islam will change with many people.

In order to change an image, it is not enough to simply tell someone their image is wrong, oftentimes, people have to see physical examples.

The best way to unravel a “bad” image is try and understand why one holds such a view.

Either way, please read and comment on my other posts. 🙂



  1. Asalaamu alaikum.

    LOL, I have a similar problem. Half of my daily readers come to read my review of “A Thousand Splendid Suns” but don’t read anything else. Some days I even consider removing that post, especially since with further reflection I’m not as fond of the book as I was when I first read it. I wonder if the rest of my writing is that dull or what that no one is interested in it.


  2. LOL!

    I seriously struggle with deleting that post and all of them that reference that flag. It appears modern history isn’t as important as “southern pride!” lol.

    Thanks for sharing…


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