Hillary Clinton and the mess that is 2008 Presidential hopefuls

Now all of a sudden Hillary Clinton is against granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants!  Funny that this revelation/admission should come about not after being asked about this for weeks, but only after NY Governor Eliot Spitzer abandoned the effort Wednesday.

I highlight this story not to bash Clinton, but to highlight what is wrong with American politics and the lack of faith that I and many Americans have in the political process especially concerning the candidates for President in 2008.

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention in US History class or any of my US civics classes, because I thought that a candidates/representatives first priority are those they wish to or already represent.

Due to the increasing actions and statements of this current crop of hopefuls, it seems to me that they are less concerned with the American public and more concerned with the interests of special interest groups.

Why else would the Senator from New York be unable to answer a simple question as to why she doesn’t support the licensing of illegal immigrants?  The candidates across the board seem to be unable to give straight and plain answers as it relates to healthcare, foreign policy, immigration, marriage, etc.  They are so overly cautious and calculating trying their best to not offend anyone and get support from everyone.

What America needs right now is a true leader.  A true leader knows that you cannot please everyone.  You press ahead in the best interests of the collective.  The majority of Americans are against the war in Iraq, the candidates have to present a clear vision as to what to do about it.  The majority of Americans are against illegal immigration.  So what is the clear vision as to how to curb it?

We cannot allow ourselves to support candidates that don’t offer a clear vision.  I for one will go to the polls next year with the mindset that the candidate I support won’t have to represent all I stand for, but at least the majority of my issues, and has a clear vision that I can support.

I cannot stand a candidate that promises to be all things to all people.  That is impossible.  You cannot serve two masters….

So tonight I will be watching the Las Vegas debate without much enthusiasm as more circular answers and solutions are offered without much definitiveness, hoping that a candidate may emerge that isn’t afraid to put forward a straight agenda.

I actually have some hope in Obama, but unless he’s willing to stand up and take charge, I’m convinced that we may have another Clinton in the White House.  As far as the Republicans….well I hope they will realize that Americans are tired of Iraq and don’t really care about same sex marriage that much.  Not to mention that Bush’s approval ratings should give one a clue as to what people think about his policies.  I don’t know what happened to that party.  Spending is through the roof and a good chunk of support is going to a former mayor who is riding the coatails of 9/11 as if on 9/10 most New Yorkers couldn’t wait to see him go.  Furthermore, I don’t know what’s so “conservative” about a front runner who cross dresses for fun, supports gay marriage, and abortion.  Maybe it’s just me.

However, that Ron Paul guy is looking pretty interesting…I had hopes for McCain, but which McCain we have from one day to another remains a mystery.  I obviously won’t support preachers who are against my religious beliefs especially with the whole “Judeo-Christian” title as if 2-8 Million Muslim Americans obviously don’t have moral values that originate from the same Abrahamic tradition.  Mr. Thompson I’m still waiting on.

In the end, Maybe I will just wait and see if Ross Perot comes back:)


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