It’s disturbing that still in 2007 we have these issues in America…

Race torture in West Virginia

I’m primarily talking about the case of Megan Williams of West Virginia who in a series of terroristic, racially motivated sick torture and abuse, proved that racism in America is alive and well.  I don’t even have to get into the various noose incidents as of late either to prove this point.  Or even the swatiska incident projected against Jews at a university or even what the crazy Anne “big surprise” Coulter recently said about Judaism.

Racism is almost as American as apple pie and baseball.  Until we erase our amnesia about the ills of slavery, jim crow, racism, classism, etc.  which are mainstays of American thought and history, we will continually repeat history.

Just a few excerpts from the above article:

  • Police say 20-year-old Megan Williams of Charleston, West Virginia was held captive in a chamber of horrors while six Caucasian perpetrators physically assaulted, raped and tortured her for five days.
  • Deputy Robinette testified during a preliminary hearing on Thursday, Oct. 4, against defendant Karen Burton, that when he arrived at the residence to investigate the “tip,” he saw Frankie Brewster another defendant and the owner of the house on the porch. When he questioned her, she stated that she was the only person in the house. It was at that time, Deputy Robinette stated during testimony that victim Megan Williams burst out of the doors with “her arms outstretched sayings ‘help me.’”

    A bruised and battered Megan Williams appeared with swollen and blood-bruised eyes, lacerations around her neck and ankles, splotches in her head where her hair had been ripped out and multiple stab wounds on her left leg.

  • “Bobby kicked me in my stomach a few times, kicked me in my back and my face and all I remember is that they hit me with several objects, a cedar stick, a fly swatter handle, a belt, a shoe; and you know the gloves with the lead in them? They were smacking me in the face with those. Both my eyes were black and every night, they made me sleep outside,” Megan told The Final Call. “They made me take a bath in a trash can outside. They poured scalding hot water all over me and they poured candle wax on me and they told me if I screamed, they would kill me,” she added.
  • According to the signed confession by one of the defendants, Bobby Brewster, Megan was forced to “eat human sh-t out of the toilet and rat turds,” and to “lick mom’s a– crack.” According to the confession read in court, Megan vomited and then was forced to lick her own vomit off of the floor. The entire time, she was beaten and called names such as “slut, whore, b—h and n—-r.” Brewster’s statement also corroborated the stories of Megan being forced to perform oral sex on Frankie Brewster, as well as Megan being “choked until purple in the face.”
  •  Appearing on the CNBC show The Big Idea, Coulter was asked to give her version of a better America. She told the show’s host, Donny Deutsch, that it would look like New York City during the 2004 Republican National Convention.
    Pressed for details, Coulter said, “People were happy. They’re Christian. They’re tolerant. They defend America …”
  • “We just want Jews to be perfected, as they say,” Coulter said later in the show. “That is what Christianity is. We believe the Old Testament, but ours is more like Federal Express.”


  1. What’s the solution?

    I don’t know if recalling history will fix mindsets. There are people who believe that “back in the ol’ days” things were perfect, they see history as a good story about how the white man always wins. They see all the civil rights and equality stuff going on in the past couple of decades as an attack on their “position” in the world and some of them are trying very hard to get back to it.

    You can see it in all the news stories you posted. As long as any group of people is seen as a legitimate target for hatred (in recent years, Middle Easterners, South Asians and South Americans), all non-white races are in danger. Although the hillbilly idiots that tortured that poor woman are probably not involved in any white domination scheme, there are people who honestly want to bring about all-white, all-Christian rule, all over the world.

    But what’s the solution?


  2. This type of terror should be dealt with very harshly! It must not be tolerated by our society!

    Thank God Meagan is still alive, thank God her case has got national media exposure, thank God Megan was a black woman, otherwise we would have never heard her story!

    It’s true, have you ever heard of the Newsom/Christian murders? Their case was similar to Megan’s case but much, much worse!

    Where’s the coverage for them?

    They just weren’t news worthy I guess… You decide, check out their story on at the link below.


  3. Average American, most or all of the people involved with that case deny claims of any racial bias playing a part in the attack. The Snopes link you provided also says that a nationwide conspiracy to ignore the crime is implausible.

    The people (mostly white supremacists) who claim that it was a race crime are also the most likely to deny the existence of race crimes against non-whites by whites.

    But if you view the Newsom/Christian murders as a racial crime, hopefully you agree that the ones Robert listed in his post are also racial/hate crimes.

    Here’s another report:


  4. Leena,

    The example I gave was chosen for a number of reasons:

    1) It comes from a well known and generally accepted non-partisan type of web site.

    Your choice to cite the Southern Poverty Law Center is unfortunate as that organization is well known to have an aggressive social agenda inconsistent with mainstream America, which gives the article cited there dubious credibility.

    2) The Newsome/Christian case when viewed next to the Megan Williams case is a good demonstration of the inequity that exists in our national media. They are both terrible cases with equal social importance.

    The inequity that concerns me is this, as of the 2000 census around 12.3% of this country is black, it is clear that the national media devotes well over 12.3% of their efforts reporting black issues, that has created a huge misrepresentation of reality that must be put into proportion if an accurate representation of our society is ever going to be portrayed.

    As long as one group is overrepresented it creates this inequity and will continue to cause racial tensions. An example of a much smaller group having a social advantage over the greater population can be seen by studying the former South Africa, it only creates and maintains racial problems. This is true anytime reality is not accurately represented in the equation of social awareness and equity, (a concept Al Sharpton will never grasp).

    If true social equality is the goal, racial preference has no place in our society, neither dose racial based hate crime, if it is allowed for one group then it is allowed for all. It must be dealt with harshly, and not allowed for any group, regardless of spin.

    3) The cite I provided demonstrates a clear example of a race based hate crime to the average American.

    When the average American sees a group of attackers consisting of one race assaulting a person of another race where racial tensions are known to exist, there is a fair presumption of race-based hate. So to the average American the black Jena 6 assault on the one white was a hate crime, as was the Newsome case, as is the Williams case, regardless of the spin/damage control placed into the equation.

    These crimes must not be allowed in our society! As long as one group believes they hold the moral authority to pass judgment on what is and is not a hate crime, that group will only serve to compound the problem rather than help resolve it. They are what they are, hate crimes, nothing less.


  5. I feel as if I should somewhat re-characterize and qualify my claim about the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    One of the co-founders of that organization has stated that from the very inception it was devised as a means to become independently wealthy. At the time the SPLC came to be the social climate in the country was ripe for making loads of money playing to the fears of minorities and illegal aliens, so that’s what they did. It has been said that the SPLC created “clan-bashing” as a means to make money, in fact the biggest money maker for that organization is to play on black’s fears and concerns about the KKK. When in fact the KKK is a non-issue, with around 2000 members in the whole nation of which 200 or so are thought to be FBI informants, the SPLC keeps stoking the KKK fires because it makes money through the well orchestrated donation machine Morris Dees has created.

    Just do some research and you’ll find loads of information about the way the Southern Poverty Law Center has made millions playing on fears they have created. Not to mention the fact that they consistently fight to deny justice to those in our country who’ve been the victim of the most heinous crimes and suffered the most horrible loss perpetrated by the residents of Death Row. Which is consistent with the SPLC’s efforts to undermine our national sovereignty and security by fighting against any attempt to secure our national borders. These things along with their other efforts constitute a policy contrary to the interest of the vast majority of American citizens.

    Anyone who supports this organization is supporting division in our nation, without which the SPLC would have no business.

    Here is a quick link to one of many articles on the issue:


  6. No matter what the background of the site is, it just backs up the statement that your own Snopes link made: there is no support for claims that the case was deliberately NOT covered because of any race issue.

    I definitely won’t take evidence from a “conservative” news site, though.


  7. “No matter what the background of the site is…” “I definitely won’t take evidence from a “conservative” news site though” ????

    This demonstration of your double standard rule proves my whole argument! You only will ever see what you want to, regardless of fact or reality.

    To tell you the truth, I know nothing about the site I gave a link to. It was just that site’s use of an article published in a nationally known magazine that was at issue.

    Anyway, good luck with your selective reality…


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