Jihad or not to Jihad..that is the question!

I’m not sure if this had made national news yet or not, but for those don’t know, Dr. Esam S. Omeish a member of Virginia’s Commission on Immigration resigned Thursday, a few hours after Gov. Timothy M. Kaine was told about online videos showing the appointee condemning Israel and advocating “the jihad way.”Certainly, you know what you could expect from this.  However, after reading the washington post article and viewing the video myself, I’m not so sure everything is what it appears to be.  What I will say is that Muslim leaders and those of us in prominent positions, have to be very careful about what we say.  In the current national climate about our religion, our very words are used against us.  Non-Muslims have the ability in the media to define to us Islam and Islamic terminology.  So judge for yourself.


One Comment

  1. It’s very hard to judge by oneself seeing only one of the two incriminated videos, and not the other one where he speaks of jihad way.

    Nevertheless, even if I know quite well the interpretation of “jihad” as effort or moral struggle, I would not understand it this way in a sentence that speaks of “liberating one’s land” as Omeish mentions himself in the interview. Specially also when he speaks of the “Holy Land” in the video you show.
    But that’s also putting together two different speaches, which is quite unfait and manipulating. Again, without the second video, it’s impossible to really make an opinion.

    But in general, I always have big difficulties with people speaking of the israeli genocide in Palestine. I’m totally against the current politics of Israel and strongly for an independent and respected Palestinian state, but a genocide is something totally different from what happens. And calling it a genocide is, imho, a “marketing” way, a call for pity and emotion for one victim only, a word that goes against any effort of pacification and mutual understanding, what Omeish calls for at the beginning of his speech.


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