Ramadan Mubarak!!!


I wanted to personally say to the Ummah Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah (swt) grant you a sucessful Ramadan. May this month allow us to reflect not only on the Umma but the entire creation and all the wonderful blessings of Allah (swt). May we strive to be patient, understanding, just, and firm in our faith. May we use our faith as a catalyst to project Islam into action and bring about a lasting peace throughout mankind. May we be willing to stand up against wickedness and repel evil with good in all forms. May we remember the example of the Prophet (saw) and utilize the best of manners when dealing with those who are different from us. May we exemplify the revelation of Allah (swt) in all our daily routines. I ask that Allah (swt) grant us the strenth to repel the whisperings of the Shaitan.



Brothers and sisters, nothing it too hard for Allah (swt). Peace is a reality if we are active participants and help in the cause of Peace. Allah (swt) says that He will aid us in our desire nearer to Him. Therefore in this month of reflection, steadfastness, prayer, and fasting, let us also remember that there are those who are suffering, there are those both Muslim and non-Muslim without the comfort of shelter, food, or peace. As Muslims it’s our obligation to not only help and aid our brothers and sisters in humanity in these comforts, but it is our duty to stop those who hasten this oppression, even if they claim Islam. Terror is an affront to Allah (swt) and an insult to our Prophet (saw)! Millions of the Ummah suffer under the oppression of fellow Muslims and non-Muslims. Let us recommit and refocus our efforts this month and beyond to alleviate and destroy the violence and oppression. Let us hasten peace and be true servants of the One who grants Peace.

As Salaam Alaikum,

Robert Salaam


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  1. Assalamu’Alakum Brother,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and have found your content really amazing. Subhan’Allah, Allah has guided you to His path – and it shows He has chosed a true believer to spread the word of da’wa!
    May you have a blessed Ramadhan too!


  2. I just re-read this popular post of mine from almost 2 years ago! I want to wish all the Ummah Ramadan Mubarak in 2009 may Allah (swt) bless our fast and continually guide our hearts.

    As Salaam Alaikum


  3. May Allah swt gives you & all brothers in america a happy ramadhan..

    I come from mualaf parent, they used to be catholic and pantekosta christian, so does like they, i have to learn a lot about islam..

    & i find your blog is great, and your blog header is cool, a new take for me.

    greeting from indonesia..


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