The Saga Continues….Muslim=bad, Christian=good……

Rejecting radical Islam — one man’s journey

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross was born to Jewish parents in Ashland, Oregon. A college friend introduced him to Islam.

Thank you brother Salman for alerting me to this article.

Here we go again, it never ceases to amaze me.  It could just be my weary eyes, but here is another article that when read initially could look like a fascinating article about a Jewish boy who converted to Islam then to Christianity.  However, once one looks at the style of writing it becomes clear that writer wanted to de-emphasize Daveed’s Jewish background and focus on his “brush with radical Islam” and emphasize his epiphany that in the end Christianity was the way to go!

The story goes (without stealing CNN’s thunder) Daveed was born of a Jewish family, was introduced to Islam in college, later joined a “radical” mosque, left because he didn’t agree with their violent and backward ways, and eventually found the “truth” in Christianity having been baptized in the Church….go figure.

While in his own words in the article he does admit that there are many peaceful “moderate” Muslims in America, I don’t believe the article goes far enough.  It doesn’t highlight that his experience is isolated and that his initial embrace of Islam was night and day compared to what he eventually got into at the Oregon Mosque.  The article blurs the lines and doesn’t openly point out the difference between Islam which he embraced in college and a radical teaching that he later joined later.  The two are very different.  Furthermore, I’m troubled at how the article makes the reader skeptical of Muslim converts as if we are all confused and looking for the truth, that somehow stumble upon this “Islam thing” in the end to become good little Christians.

Well, not to slander Christianity, but come on now, we are kidding ourselves if we want to continuously paint the portrait that Christianity is the solution to the “issues” of being a Muslim.  Need I remind those reading that this 74% and higher “Christian” nation has the highest level of almost all those things Jesus (pbuh) definitely wouldn’t approve of.  You know what “things” I am referring to.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of Muslim conversion stories out there that are not filled with suspicion  and fear.  If CNN needs one, they can check my blogroll or even interview me.

Oh and I have been baptized several times before, so my story only ends in la illaha ilallah!




  1. hi there,

    i am a “good little Christian”…with my faults of course. and i sympathize with almost all of what you said. i believe there are many Christians who believe that all they have to say is “i’m saved” and all of the sudden, their actions aren’t as important as saying that phrase out loud.

    i have been called a non-christian by other christians just because my brand of Christianity isn’t accurate because of their INTERPRETATION of the bible…and they also alienate other cultures and beliefs because of their religious bigotry, just what Christ taught against. he taught us to love our neighbor, not love our christian neighbors and alienate our muslim counterparts.

    i consider muslims to be faithful people, (those who are not radicalized) and i also consider them to be my “brothers” …my experiences with moderate (excuse the term) muslims has been positive…and quite honestly i am not as familiar with the faith as i would like to be. i’m going to make an attempt to read the quran (sp?) so that i can understand you more..

    that’s another annoying aspect to evangelicalism, they all gossip with each other about what other people believe rather than going to the source. it’s all very ignorant.

    please email me with other sources that i may use in my studying…


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