Follow-up: Current things on my mind…Critics of Islam and Dr. King “Made in China”

Like most days believe it or not, my head is filled with a gazillion thoughts today and I have this feeling of incompleteness that has come over me.  There are several current and past issues that I feel I need to speak about and get off my chest, lest I go crazy… (Considering I’m not already).  Right now there are two items that stand out more than most:  My appearance on Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy our on Tuesday night and the Martin Luther King Memorial soon to be built in Washington, DC.

Starting with Tuesday….I had the privilege of having the opportunity to listen to the good Dr.’s show and he had two very controversial guests…Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian terrorist, now Christian, critic against Islam, pro-American/Israel, and a partridge in a pear tree, and author Brad Thor, best-selling author on the New York Times list, and open critic of Islam as well.  Let me say listening to their comments against Islam and their broad sweeping assertions about Islam being a violent religion and all Muslims being terrorist, did nothing short of making me furious.  Not because I’m not used to such foolish assertions by now, but primarily because of their tactics and their direct opposition to my work as one who speaks out against the failings of Muslims.

Their tactics enraged me because they were full of illogical fallacies.  They really want the listeners to believe that people directly interpret text as they do.  In other words their theory is that because they can quote verses of the Quran or Hadith that suggest or speak of “violence” then automatically all Muslims and Islam is violent.  I countered with the same should also be true for Jews and Christians then, because if one was to read the Tanakh or the Bible there’s ample verses that suggest or speak of “violence” as well.  So why are they only giving special attention to Muslims and Islam?  Then they want us to believe that because you have terrorists who justify violence using said texts it validates their point, but they forget to mention that the overwhelming majority of Muslims use the same texts to justify living in peace, interfaith, or actively acting against terrorists like I am.  So it’s either all or nothing?  That’s my opinion.  Either all Muslims are something or they are not.  Then the truth can come in where they promote falsehood.  The truth is that some Muslims are terrorists and most are not.  Therefore, we need to focus on the ideology that makes terrorists which is obviously not the same as those who are not terrorists hence; it’s not Islam, but something else.  Islam, like most religion throughout human history is being used as a scapegoat and a catalyst to promote wicked actions.  The same was done with Christianity i.e. the Crusades, Inquisition, Slavery, et. al. the same was done with Judaism i.e. illegal settlement activity and terrorist acts, the same was done with many religions yesterday and today.  So let’s not be hypocritical guys.  The truth is it almost always boils down to individuals and some groups or even regions, never has it been over a billion people!!!  I will admit that Islam is a violent religion as soon as a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. admits that their religion is violent too!  So check out Dr. B’s show from Tuesday night, then listen to my show that same night as I was too worked up to stay on topic and finished my discussion, to get the full spill of Tuesday nights activities.  I’m willing to promise that this will not be my last encounter with Walid Shoebat or Brad Thor, in fact I look forward to it.  I will debate them and any other critic anytime and anyplace.  To quote President George Bush “Bring it on”.

Now that I got that off my chest, equally disturbing is the continuing issue with the MLK memorial.  As many of you may or may not know, I did several posts about the controversy surrounding the memorial.  How Dr. King’s immortalizing on the Washington D.C. mall has been OUTSOURCED to Communist China.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but you mean to tell me there are no American Artists capable of doing this great work?  You mean to tell me there are no American quarries capable of producing the necessary granite?  I have to give many thanks to Mr. Gilbert Young, a famous artist and activist, who brought this issue to the national stage as well as Mr. Joe Madison the “black eagle” a famous talk radio host and activist.  It’s because of these two men that I even found out about this tragedy and exploitation of not only the legacy of Dr. King but the exploitation of his supporters and the supporters and financiers of the memorial.  Both Mr. Young and Madison have spoken about this on national radio and television and are an inspiration to young men such as myself.  They remind me of the importance of getting your voice out there, especially when it comes to injustice.

I was honored and privileged to be able to call in to Joe Madison’s show this morning while Gilbert Young was on and let me tell you, this latest round of controversy is even more sickening than the first round.  The Washington Post produced an article in the “style” section yesterday titled A King Statue “Made In China”, August 15th where there was an expose’ about the chosen artist from China Lei Yixin, in which there were blatant lies and defamation regarding this situation and its critics.  They want us to believe that Yixin was familiar with Dr. King prior to his commission and it’s a perfectly natural fit for him to do this work, but that isn’t the truth.

The truth of the matter as ORIGINALLY reported by both Mr. Gilbert and Madison is that Lei Yixin had no prior knowledge of Dr. King and of his own admission didn’t understand why he was picked, but now the Post would have us believe that Yixin is a MLK scholar.  China’s history AGAINST human and civil rights should be reason alone why people should be more than upset that China sponsored artist would be picked to immortalize an American Hero who was for human and civil rights.  There’s other facts about China that makes it even more foolish that they would be chosen to “honor” Dr. King, but there’s no need to go into that right this moment.  The overall point is, the Washington Post and many others should be called to task for not only spreading falsehoods about this artist to make it more appeasing to critics, but also for even remotely trying to fool people into supporting this great injustice and affront to all Americans and the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.  They should all be ashamed of themselves and those of us who are against them and for preserving Dr. King’s legacy and America’s history need to do more about it!  Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stand the idea that like so many other things, Dr. King’s memorial will come in a crate that says “Made in China!  The key word for today:



R. Salaam 




  1. Robert, my Muslim brother, in fairness to my guests Walid Shoebat and Brad Thor, I do have to take exception to the assertion in your post that they said that all Muslims are terrorists. If you listen back, you’ll see that they never said that and its not fair to put such hateful words in their mouths.

    They did day that Islam, as a political ideology is violent but did make a point in saying that not all followers of Islam subscribe to it’s violent base.

    In fact, I’ll provide this link to a that reports that Brad Thor employs a Muslim nanny to take care of his children. I’m certain you don’t think Brad Thor is insane enough to trust his children with a women he believes is a terrorist!


  2. Dr. B,

    In all fairness, your right they never said directly that all Muslims are terrorist, but since they did say that Islam is a religion of violence and teaches terror, then what does that make all Muslims that follow Islam? How can Islam be violent and teach terror if all Muslims are not terrorists? I guess it’s just my twisted way of thinking. As far as the nanny thing, well I’m not going to speak to his intention, only God knows that, but in the majority of America’s history even slave owners, KKK members, anti-civil rights, etc. white people had black nannies. Just my humble 2 cent.


  3. Whether the memorial is made by an African American, a Chinese or a Klingon, frankly, I couldn’t care less, but if the picture looks like what the memorial is going to look like…
    It’s hideous! It looks like your average stalinist art! It looks like Kim Jong II!


  4. Hey guys. I saw this blog and found it to be a good opportunity to tell you about a movie that is being shown at the Global Peace Film Festival. The movie is called “A Man in the Attic” and it presents the struggles and thoughts of an American Muslim. In this movie an American Muslim ponders, discusses and ruminates on his position in America, and the decline of his people in western civilization. It is interesting to see how the Muslim culture has declined in the western civilization in recent times, and how some even frown upon it. This movie is great because it exposes the harsh realities of the western world from a Muslim perspective. Broaden your mind at the Global Peace Film Festival from September 26-30, in Orlando Florida.


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