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Why am I even writing this you may ask? This is an on-going edited personal project of mine, kinda like my book….which is still in work, btw….:) My intent is to regularly update this particular post with my thoughts concerning my established positions on political and religions issues as specific and to the point as possible. For those who want to directly ask a question (any) that you may want to know my position about, feel free to email me. #1 Iraq One of the many greatest lies ever told. Iraq had no connection with 9/11 and there were no WMD. In fact, what was found was things that we had the receipts for! Iraq is a financial black hole, our standing in the world has been greatly reduced, and since our invasion Iraq has become a contributor to terrorism propaganda and recruitment primarily because Osama Bin Laden and his cronies can now say "we told you so". I believe we should truly claim "Mission Accomplished" as we have found no WMD and indefinitely reduced Saddam's capability to make such (seeing as there is no Saddam anymore). We should reallocate our troops out of Iraq elsewhere in the theater, limit them to essential personnel and readiness forces and bring the rest of our troops back home, while at the same time strengthening the force in Afghanistan to face those who you know…ACTUALLY ATTACKED AMERICA ON 9/11!!! Say what you want, but at some point we have to realize that you can't make people want you, like you, or see you as anything else as an occupier. Especially, when we are building an embassy the size of Vatican City and there are rumors of permanent Military bases, and let's not forget that shaky oil law that is trying to be passed. The one constant I want to know is what is our threshold? How many lives, injuries, money spent, etc. must we allow to occur before we realize that going to war based on lies/and or bad intelligence is in fact just that: Bad intelligence and to continue because we think we can erase that is a lie. With all this in mind, as Americans one has to pray that whatever mistakes were/are made that somehow there is benefit in this situation for both the American people and the Iraqi people and ultimately the world. I personally pray that in the long run that maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Iraq will be the jewel of the East and not the beginning of the end for the region. In truth, only time will tell, but that doesn't negate how I feel about the policies or policy makers that got us there in the first place. I believe that we should begin our withdrawal from Iraq now, but not from the region. We need to give the Iraqis a way to govern themselves without our presence on their streets, but at the same time be close enough to help out if the situation greatly deteriorates. Let us not forget that even America was born from revolution and ultimately war. We can't continue to occupy in the name of "keeping the peace" without ever allowing the Iraqi government the ability to learn and grow on their own. ****Update 8/25/09**** After re-reading this years' old post, I still think I was right and I'm glad I voted for a President who agrees. 🙂 #2 Democrats vs Republicans I don't care for either party truthfully. To me they are like Satan and Lucifer, putting your trust in either of them and not God Alone will only lead you to hell. To be more specific I believe both parties are playing games with their constituents and the American People as a whole. I forget the New England town who wanted to add it, but there was an idea that ballots should include a vote for "none or neither, etc." That's what we need in America. People blindly vote along party lines never really analyzing the issues or candidates solely because of the (D) or (R) next to their name. Even when we do vote consciously, we get these people into office and they don't represent the people, just the lobbies with all the money and power. If the people are to truly be heard, we need to make these candidates fight for our votes and fight to keep them. We need alternative, viable parties, and institutions that are not beholding to corporate America. Then can we see real change. To Democrats reading this, how can you truly believe the party, when they haven't ended the war? Isn't that why you put them in power? Don't give me that crap about they couldn't either. They hold the money, they could have sent President Bush the same budget over and over and let him veto it over and over, and when he had no money for the war, they could have said it was his fault. But they didn't! The main reason was they were worried about bad press generated by the "opposition" party. ****Update 8/25/09**** Ummm, we are STILL in Iraq and Democrats hold the Executive, Legislative, and dare I say Judicial branches of government…. To Republicans reading this, I hope you don't truly believe "W" or Cheney are actual Conservatives….There is nothing conservative about neither of them or those who support them, unless you call record spending "conservative" and fiscally responsible. And don't get me started on the "Christian" thing. If they or their "evangelical" supporters were actual such, maybe, just maybe they would reflect Jesus (as) teachings as recorded in the book of Matthew 5:1-12: The Beatitudes 1Now when he saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, 2and he began to teach them saying: 3"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. 5Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. 6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. 7Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. 8Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. 9Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. 10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. I'm sorry but I don't see anything "meek", "righteous", "merciful", "pure in heart", or "peaceful" when it comes to either party first and foremost, but especially from the hypocrites who love to say they are Christians but their ACTIONS show OTHERWISE. Last I noticed, crime, homelessness, poverty, lack of health care, education, etc. runs rampant in the streets of America, let alone the streets where America's foreign policy has had direct impact to other nations streets. But if you want to continue to believe in this fairytale and have these people speaking from your pulpits, do your thing… ****Update 8/25/09**** The GOP is a mess, they lost the entire government miserably because they still continue to act like a minority party relying on a base that has views that are nowhere near the mainstream of America.  Until they diversify their party in both ideology and racial makeup, they will cease to matter in politics. #3 Abortion: It's a sick practice if you ask me personally. I don't like it, nor do I advocate it. To me, it's very sinful. However, what is also very sinful is
the idea that I should be able to force my beliefs, especially my religious ones on anybody else. God has given humanity the right of choice. The free will to choose for THEMSELVES anything they want. For one to act as a god beside God and force your will on one whom HE has given free will to is wrong. Therefore, women should be able to choose what they want to do with their bodies. I believe their should be some regulation on the practice, for instance, it doesn't take 3 months to decide if you want to be pregnant or not. Most people make up their mind about that before they get pregnant and definitely within the first week after they find out they are pregnant. Furthermore, we can't just attack the woman having the abortion. We would be better off attacking the situation that caused the woman to get pregnant in the first place. You know like ummm teenage pregnancy, moral decline, rampant promiscuity, infidelity, social ills like telling a woman her worth is only between her legs, sexism, commercialism, RAP VIDEOS, etc. etc. etc. I think you get my point(s). #4 Islam: First and foremost, Islam is Islam. Loosely that means Islam which actually means submission to the One God of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, etc. (pbut) and through this submission one attains peace that is granted by God Alone because one is in accordance to His will, is exactly that. There is no such thing as "radical", "extreme", "fanatical", "fundamentalist", "fascist", or even "moderate" Islam. Islam is not a person it's a system of belief and practice that originated with the Originator it began with Him and ends with Him, it has no beginning and no ending. However, there are those who call themselves "Muslim" one who submits for which they or other could subscribe those titles, but even then those aren't fitting. I for one fit all those titles at various times and sometimes all at the same time. A true Muslim can't be placed in a box with titles for to do so one would have to put God in a box with a title. How can One who has no beginning or ending be boxed? Similarly, one who is in accordance with that One also cannot be boxed in because they reflect similar attributes of that One and their only limitations are not those placed upon them by fellow man, but by God Alone. Some of these words in this post alone could be deemed "radical", "extreme", "fanatical", "moderate", or "fundamentalist" and maybe they are adequate descriptions, but what does that have to do with Islam? Even in classification, you can only classify MY WORDS and MY ACTIONS, so why attempt at doing so with Islam when you can't adequately describe that which has no physical identity, yet everything physical bears witness to it? My point is that those whom those titles are ascribed to are individuals. An individual is not responsible for the actions and beliefs of another. What one chooses to eat, doesn't make another defecate does it? So in many musings out there consider your words, when you slander one "muslim" or a group of "muslims" or even a nation or region of "muslim" remember that they could never adequately reflect the truth and substance of all Muslims now, before, or in the past. Do I believe there is a problem with Islam? Absolutely NOT, there is a problem with those professing to subscribe to it's teachings and there is a problem with those who don't subscribe, but profess to nevertheless know the truth of it's teachings. It is with these people that we should focus our concentration, for it is these people that have to change the current and future reality for all peoples. Those of us who profess Islam need to act like Muslims. We are to repel evil, injustice, persecution, and oppression, with which is better. Not for Islam, for Islam is intangible, Not for God, for God has no need of creation, but creation needs Him, but for the benefit of ourselves and all of humanity period. Islam brings about peace, so it's up to the believers and PRACTITIONERS of Islam to reflect peace, in their every deed, word, and action with all peoples, at all locations on the Earth, at all times. To do other than that, is not on non-Islamic, but render one the opposite of what is intended by the meaning of Muslim and Islam.

Specific Issues:

  • Honor Killings: There is no such thing in Islam. This is a horrible, dishonorable, practice that God specifically commands against in the Quran. Allah (swt) reminds us that we are to enjoin one another in good and forbid what is evil, He also tells us to be just, fair, and to have patience and compassion. He tells us not to be compelling in religion but invite those to share in our faith with reason and by example. How can anyone claim there is honor in killing when Allah (swt) expressly tells us in the Quran that we are only allowed to fight against persecution and in self-defense and to cease when there is peace, He also reminds us that the killing of one person unjustly is like the killing of all of mankind. The Muslim who believes that their is honor in killing one for pseudo Islamic reasons has little or no faith in Allah (swt) because Allah (swt) is He who needs no defense, who needs no protector, and needs none to fight for Him, yet He is the Defender, the Protector, and the Maintainer and Sustainer of all who seek Him.

#5 Israel: I don't know why people must attempt to lie about me. I have said it a gazillion times how I feel about Israel. I believe that Israel has the right to exist in Peace. Let me repeat: I believe Israel has the right to exist in Peace. I believe that all of humanity has this right exist in Peace. This is a right given by our Creator. For me to say otherwise, would be to go against my beliefs as a Muslim. I have said it many times before that I know why Muslims are hurt and why Palestinians feel the way they do. But I say to my fellow Muslims, that you can acheive more with peace. If we love Palestine then work toward a peaceful, free, and democratic Palestine. Let us use our wealth to build the Palestinian infrastructure. Constant instability and war does nothing for progress. It is nothing more than regression. Let's put our money and prayers and true Islam into action. Let's build the Palestinian people. Lets ensure their infrastructure is the best in the world. If the citizens needs are met then why worry about Israel. ITS DONE let's get over it. In peace, we can work on boarder issues, but we don't even have a state to even discuss boarders, and we will never have a state as long as death and destruction instead of peace and construction is the plan of the day. Let me also add that we have to understand that a lasting peace has to be rooted in Justice. If we would like the Palestinian people and the broader "Muslim world" to focus on internal issues and build their infrastructure, a fertile atmosphere must be present. You can't build a community if it's constantly under the fear of destruction by miltary grade weaponry or bull-dozing. Nor can such actions be expected to have peaceful results. It's one thing to believe and act on an eye for an eye, it's an entirely different thing to believe in an eye for an entire body. If Hamas and others kill an Israeli or launch a rocket and we know and condemn that, how can it be OK to in response kill several or many Palestinians by bombing buildings and razing farms? Justice as to be blind and equal. We can't continue to put the onus of peace on the Palestinians even though I truly encourage patience on their part, when Israel continually violates UN resolutions and Human Rights and are never even slapped on the wrist. #6 Iran: It seems like common sense to me, but to others it's a mystery. Iran signed the treaty. There is no proof outside of 2003 that they want a nuclear weapon. They have continually denied it. Every expert say they are a ways off from it. Why continually threaten, posture, and sanction against a "what if"?. Furthermore, why is it that countries in the Middle East are not allowed to have nuclear weapons, yet a select few can and there is at least one country (Israel) in the Middle East that is somehow above this rule, won't allow international inspectors in, won't sign any treaties, and there is not one word said about it? Iran should be allowed to pursue their stated goals in peace without pressure from the West, unless and until there is absolute evidence to the contrary that their goals are against the interests of peace for all, not just for some who want to define what's in the best interests of all. ****New Stuff 8/25/09 and later**** #7 Islamophobes: I don't particularly like the term because it's not entirely true.  The correct term is racists.  Now I know some will state that "Muslim" or "Islam" isn't a race and that's a neat technical cover, but the truth is that if one was to look at all these sites, books, commentaries, lectures, Fox "News" , etc. and replaced the word "Islam" or "Muslim" with "Black" "Hispanic" "Minority" etc.  the truth would be clearer. I truly believe that those who have a problem with Muslims in general because of our religion no matter their excuses hold racial ideological views in one form or another. Why?  Because their arguments are illogical on the premise.  They would have us believe that because a percentage of Muslims commit acts of terror than all Muslims are terrorists, sympathizers, etc. and that Islam teaches violence.  It's really easy to paint that picture when your dealing with those who refuse to think when you can show clip after clip of some bombing, flag burning, etc. but when you deal with people who do think, the "debate" falls apart. In order for there to be some logic in their argument than that would mean that the argument can be equally applied across the group regardless of the group.  But what they are stating is that with Muslims 2+2=4 but with any other group 2+2=5,6, or 7. Here's there argument no matter how elaborate or cleverly disguised: 1.  Islam is a violent religion because: – a. there are "violent" verses in the Qur'an – b. there are "many" terrorists that are Muslim among other evil things 2.  Muslims are violent or inherently violent or potentially violent because: – a. a "true" Muslim follows the Qur'an and the Qur'an is violent (see 1a) – b. not every terrorist is a Muslim but most Muslims are terrorist (foolish quote they use) Now I'm not going to refute their foolish assertions other than to point out their major flaw: MEASUREMENT Most logical people agree that without getting into statics as a study that most people believe that a simple majority is 51% meaning that even as such a close percentage, it would be acceptable to state that the majority of (a) is (b) if (a) equals 51% or more of a sample. That said, what these Islamophobes continually do is push an agenda that is designed to not be held accountable, hence why they only deal with people who are illogical who often hold to views and ideologies that just happen to be racist/supremacist. A logical person would ask two questions and be done with the thing: 1.  What percentage of the versus in the Qur'an would you consider "violent"? 2.  What percentage of Muslims are "violent"? For the life of me I don't know why Muslims tend to waste so much time debating these people explaining Arabic, Tafsir, etc. call them on their own fallacies and simply ask them? 1.  Why is it that you call Islam/Qur'an violent when you can only rely on a dozen or so versus that loosely fit that description, what about the other several thousand? 2.  Why is it that you call Muslims violent, when no sane person will ever equate the number of terrorists above a couple of million if that, what about the other billion Muslims? Then you have to get them to admit that logic is irrelevant to them because no matter what in their opinion the minority actually represents the majority and when they do that, it becomes clearer why some of these same people believe that the majority of Hispanics are illegal, the Majority of Blacks are criminals, etc. etc. Ever wonder why this tricky math is never applied to White people or Christians? It's obvious to me…. Because if they were using logic then that would mean that most Americans are fornicators, sinners, and violent.  The majority of white people are racist and have  a predisposition to treat those who don't look like them unjustly, and Christianity…don't get me started on the hundreds of verses in the Bible that justify everything from genocide to slavery! We are not dealing with logical people and the only people in the history of America who have held negative views of another group based on the actions of a few in that group or well placed lies have been racists and that majority group has been white Christians. So one has to ask:  If you picked up an anti-Islam book, watched Fox"News", listened to Right Wing radio, etc. what's the most likely background o

f the author, reporter, or talk show host that promotes these views? Just saying…. But like I have said in the past, I will declare Islam a violent religion the moment Christians and Jews declare their religions violent.  If some scripture or the actions of some so-called followers are considered the measuring stick to declare a religion violent, then the Christians should be the first to do the declaring!

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