The People of Abraham

I wanted to write on this important topic because I do believe that in my constant “crusade” or “jihad” if you prefer 🙂 to clear up the many falsehoods about Islam and to debate the accusers against Islam, there should be time dedicated to building bridges as well.

What I have found out as I have crossed the globe with my words and voice is that many people plain and simple just want Justice, Equality, and Freedom.  Whether Christian, Muslim, Jew, or otherwise, those of us in the Human family and those of us concerned with the Human condition, await a day when all can live in peace.

To help facilitate and accomplish this end I and a good friend of my Rev. Bruce of “Tawodi’s Hawknest: Life, Religion, and Family” have been working on a “little” project called “The People of Abraham”.  Not to steal his thunder because he has done excellent work on his site and radio show, but it is our intention to form an allegiance and coalition of the willing 🙂 of Christians, Muslims, and Jews who are willing to unite in the name of God under the patriarch we all profess Abraham (saw).

The common mistake that many have accused me and Bruce of is that we compromise our beliefs in order to associate with one another.  This is a false allegation and far from the truth.  One should be able to disagree without being disagreeable and it is our intention to respectfully disagree on matters of doctrine, dogma, etc. and find that common thread that is God whom we all believe wants us to live in peace….even with others.

So, for those of the Abrahamic traditions out there who principally want to live in peace with others, regardless of you or their religion, feel free to join us.  There is no official sign-up form just yet, I will shortly dedicate a forum on my site “The American Muslim” for us to meet and share ideas on what we can do in our individual communities to help bring and maintain peace.  The commitment is not with us, but with God.  In serving others we serve Him, in treating others with respect and dignity, we serve Him, all of these things will ensure our favor and blessings from God.

In order to have peace we must also want Justice, Equality, and Freedom for all.  It is our desire to want for others what we have for ourselves, or even that which we ourselves are trying to attain.

Please note, that we are trying to form a movement which means that actual physical action towards peace may be involved.  A journey begins with the first step, why not make that first step towards peace?

Peace and Blessings,

Robert Salaam



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