I have been pulled into this Vick madness……

Tony Taylor walks into the federal courthouse in Richmond, Virginia, to enter his guilty plea.

Michael Vick pleaded not guilty Thursday and faces a November 26 trial.

So after reading the latest on CNN.com, I felt that I should get some things off my chest that really bother me about this whole “situation”.

The “situation” of course, being the pending trial of Atlanta Falcons Quarterback, Michael Vick who has been charged with cruelty to animals among other things, for allegedly backing a dog-fighting operation.

Let me state two things first and foremost, before I get attacked:

1) I believe cruelty to animals in any way, shape, or form is not only wrong, but as a Muslim, Islamically we are taught that it is sinful to engage in such practices or support them.

2) I’m not a regular NFL watcher, ever since the Cowboys of the 90’s fell apart, I only catch the Super Bowls these days and mainly for the commercials. 🙂

With that said, GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE!!! There has to be more news out here than this!  And no I’m not talking about Hilary Clinton’s cleavage either!  My point is there are more important things going on in the world today, or maybe it’s just me.

But on this story in particular what get’s me the most is how people…PETA in particular are dumping on this guy before he has even gone to trial!  Not only are they calling for his suspension and end to his career, but also getting his sponsors to pull the plug on him.

On one level I do admire their efforts, because it does highlight the fact that in America if a group can come together on an agenda and remain vigilant they can force change, but on another level it is a tad bit excessive.

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  Or is it now guilty until proven innocent?  Or is it both and it only applies to certain individuals and/or causes?  Either way, it’s sickening.  What get’s me is what happens if this guy is let off and is innocent?  Now all that energy that went into smearing and destroying the man was for naught but the damage is now done.  What would the PETA crowd and the bandwagon say then?  I’m not taking a side one way or the other, but my point is that in America we have gone too far when we take our opinions about guilt or innocence and actively work for or against someone based on such before an actual verdict.

To me it’s more of the same, because throughout our history we have seen what can happen when our warped minds bloodlust when wrapped up in a “major” court case.  How many times has this very same bloodlust led to convictions, death, or destroyed lives just to find out in the end, maybe even decades later that the person was innocent?  I believe it would be prudent if we left things alone and let the legal process run it’s course, maybe it’s just me, but when we don’t, we just expose just how much time we have on our hands. (kinda like this blog:) )

Furthermore, this misadventure shows the world at large how misplaced the American zeal truly is for justice.   We would rather protest in the streets, go after sponsors, fill the airwaves and papers with this story about the injustice done to animals, yet would step over a homeless person in the street or look the other way at a dead Iraqi without a second thought.  Where’s the protest in front of the White House?  We can mobilize and have an agenda against the ill treatment of animals (which is right), but lack the same zeal to mobilize and have an agenda against the ill treatment of fellow men, women, and children, done by animals in power masquerading as leaders and dare I say fellow human beings.

Maybe it’s just me, but this is just another example of the lack of real moral clarity and priority in America.

I just don’t get it:  Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen are dying daily and getting wounded in a war that was founded on lies and treachery, they come home to broken families, divorce, adultery, etc. (if they come home), poor medical treatment, and benefits among other things, DAILY, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi’s, thousands of Iraqi’s without running water, electricity, or food, not to mention Darfur which is still going on by the way, Palestine, and many other places in the world, we have lying politicians on both sides of the isle knowing full well that America has no intention of leaving Iraq this decade (considering the Vatican sized Embassy and permanent Military bases), Katrina, our pourous boarders, uneducated children without healthcare, etc. etc. etc.

And excuse my rant but with all this going on and several other wars on the horizon, I just don’t get how a damn story about Michael Vick and his alleged mistreatment of Dogs, as well as crap like Hillary’s cleavage, Britney Spears divorce, Paris Hilton proving that money and fame in America means more than justice, and Lindsay Lohan’s sad addiction and idiocy on full display, is more important that any of the above and worthy of National news.

But like I said, maybe it’s just me….

Wake the Hell up AMERICA!!!!



  1. you r right about other issues in the world. me personally i don’t volunteer to work with children because i get so angry at what people do to dogs i would end up killing someone for doing those things to a child. so god has given me the desire and talent to volunteer to work with animals someone has to and that’s where my heart is happy even though it is a sad situation.and i always give people whatever i can i love them both. but who do you volunteer with?


  2. Peace and Blessings Monica,

    I think you missed the intent of my post. I believe what you are doing is an honorable and much needed thing. I didn’t want it to appear that I don’t support PETA or groups like them, I do. What I have a problem with is the media and the zeal behind attacking one who hasn’t been found guilty of anything.

    Now, I know that latter was an attempt at my credibility and I don’t blame you, but for the record I volunteer with my Masjid we support local homeless shelters and anti-domestic violence initiatives in the DC area. When I can’t physically volunteer I give money, I used to mentor at risk teens in DC and would donate to your cause as well if you give me the information off-line. When I’m not doing any of these things, I am providing for my wife and 5 kids, blogging, hosting my radio show Tuesday and Thursday nights, assisting in homeschooling and changing pampers of course, running my own IT services firm part-time, and working full time with the US Government as a consultant.

    Thank you for your comments and service. 🙂


  3. Yeah Marcys, because we all know, Iraq, Darfur, Palestine, Katrina, education and health care for US children, and immigration, among other things is less important than Michael Vick, Hillary’s bossom, Britney, Paris, or Lindsay….:)


  4. Robert – While I agree with you that who the hell cares about Hillary’s cleavage and the lush-licious adventures of Lohan, Paris, Britney and all those other trash-tastic celebs I think you are dead wrong that we should not care about Michael Vick and his dog fighting. First – Innocent Until Proven Guilty – yes, that is our creed but there are a few things you really must NOT KNOW about this case including: 1. Vick has been mentioned MANY times in the dog fighting world as one of the most enthusiastic dogfighters and evidence has been piling up on him FOR YEARS about his involvement in this “sport” 2. His kennel, the dogs, the equipment, the fighting pits were all on HIS PROPERTY bought with HIS MONEY. This makes him complicit regardless of whether he knew about it or not. There are bones of dogs, who bled to death, became infected beyond control, who were elecrtocuted, who were slammed to the ground until their heart stopped, or simply ripped to death by their opponent – who are buried in Vick’s nice little backyard. So regardless of whether or not he has touched a pit in his life, he is guilty because his money supported this.

    So why should we care more than we should care about Britney’s bits? Because this affects every one of us. Also involved in dog fighting are other illegal activities including drug use/dealing, gambling, illegal transport, CHILD ENDANGERMENT and more. I am a vet student in West Phila and I teach humane ed classes. There was one class where about 90% of a class of 4th graders admitted they have been to a dog fight. They learn from their disgusting parents that being inhumane, being brutal and taking another’s life is ok — and we wonder now why Philadelphia is nicknamed Killadelphia?

    Why should we care? Because violence towards animals is inextricably related to violence towards humans in every way, shape and form.

    Suggestion for you: watch “Off the Chain” a documentary that just came out about dogfighting and I would LOVE to see if you feel the same way. If you do, then you’re entitled to your views but to say what you said above just shows you JUST don’t know enough about this vicious, disgusting, horrific activity that is ON THE RISE in this nation.

    As I said I am a vet student in Philadelphia. Even if you watched this video above, you really wouldnt understand the brutality of this activity until you hold a maggot-covered dog, left to die on the street, and examine the bite wounds that caused him to exsanguinate and die by himself – a life that for not one moment in time was ever happy. And by the way the maggots cling on before the dog even is dead so some shelters take in dogs (and cats used for practice fighting) covered in maggots coming out of their ears and eyes, before they are even dead. And sometimes, the dog still wags its tail when he looks at you — they are that trusting. And it is that horrifying.

    These dogfighters are the same people commiting murder of humans for drugs, guns, anything. You get these guys off the streets and you get murderers off the streets.

    Chew on that.

    A Vet School Student who is sick of people protecting Vick


  5. PugMD,

    I had a feeling a comment such as yours would come along, which is why I pre-faced my criticism of the media and overzealous activists with the fact that as a Muslim I could never condone any harm against animals. This was point number one if you did’nt gloss over it.

    Did I ever say we should’nt care whether or not Vick was involved in dogfighting? Did I ever say we should’nt care that dogs were killed and inhumanely treated?

    Before one comes down with such a rebuttal as you have done, it would have been wise to actually read what I wrote, rather than lump me in the “protecting Vick” crowd.

    My criticism was against the media who made this 24/7 news when it shouldn’t be given the nature of what’s going on in the world as it relates to the Sudan, Iraq, Katrina, etc. Should they not mention it? Of course they should, it’s newsworthy and important, but to make it appear as if it’s the only thing going on in the world is a disservice, I’m sorry you disagree. Sometimes we get so caught up in our passions we tend to loose world view, which brings me to my second criticism:

    I feel that the animal rights crowd is being too overzealous in going after Vick. Legally, everything is allegation until he is proven guilty or not. With that in mind, I think we have gone too far as a country when we are allowed to proceed with a career and character lynching regardless of whether one has had a trial or not. That’s my observation.

    Secondly, I find it amazing that such an incident could unite and create zeal against one person and the media follows suit, but a war cannot, poverty, homelessness, etc. cannot. Obviously I don’t blame PETA for that, but in my social commentary such as this post, I always find it interesting that people tend to rally faster for animal rights than human rights. I have said nothing different than many CNN analysts who remarked about the same phenomenon. One two days ago on Wolf Blizter’s Situation Room remarked that people are quicker to rally around something like this than a child molestor, murderer, rapist, etc.

    Say what you want. But one thing you will not attempt to do on my blog, especially when my words bear witness against you, is to allegate, that I think dogfighting or Vick is OK. I never said and will never say such a thing.

    Free your mind…


  6. I am originally from africa , but I grew up in Europe. I have been living in America for the past 3 years. America has its good and its bad, just like anywhere else in the world. However this country is a great paradox. Example: America is supposed to be the “land of the free” but prostitutes are not allowed to work and roam the streets,contrary to France where they can roam the streets and where they will one day get retirement benefits ( I am muslim and obviously against prostitution, this is just an example). America wants to find injustice and yet Darfur is happening as we speak and like you said we are more interested in Lindsay or Paris…Well when horrors (Darfur, Iraq, ivory coast) are happening miles away, we do not care. Until the day horror comes knocking at our door (september 11th), that is when we start wondering about the rest of the world, thats when we ask ourselves “why do they hate us so much?”….then we forget again and we are back t square one. We are back in our little american bubble….and the vicious circle goes on….


  7. Dear Robert,
    Sorry if I came across as harsh; not quite sure where you read in my post that I suspected you were in any way involved or supported dogfighting because I in no way even hinted at that thought – I was simply listing the cold hard facts of the case against Vick and about dogfighting in general – things I think are important for people * outside * of animal related professions to know before feeling equipped to comment on this issue.

    Well about the press this case has received; in the interim since we last communicated the Vick case has hardly been mentioned, shadowed by other news items including possible renewed talks between Israel and Palestine, Iraq’s central water main no longer functioning, the floods in East Asia, the bridge collapse, the miners, what have you. And that is the nature of press and the media, they move on to the more current topics and re-circle until something else new will come up in the Vick case.

    But the real crux of the argument is exactly _what_ you consider to be important issues and I suppose, in my angry post to you earlier that simply because * you * do not consider animals’ lives as important as human lives, there are some people who do so for you to sweepingly say that the media is focusing on the wrong things is just incorrect — they are focusing on the wrong issues FOR YOU and what you consider important but please, do not speak authoritatively about media and press. I know that there is a lot wrong with the American media, I for one think it is controlled by all the wrong people and entirely mis-representing international issues to protect wealthy insiders and politicians, like not covering more of the suffering of Palestinians right now and how their infrastructure is so badly damaged that they barely function as a nation. But when the media actually focuses on something that is legitimately important I think it completely unwise to criticize that aspect. There are a lot of legitimate gripes to focus on. The attention to the Vick case simply should NOT be in the same category as Paris Hilton’s partying.

    The difference between you and I is that I believe that suffering is suffering is suffering whether is be felt by human _or animal_ and that is what I think the media should focus on highlighting – people/entities/animals who are suffering or causing someone else to suffer — these should be focused upon, and draw attention to ways to alleviate the situation. Michael Vick caused suffering. If you read my post above you would see why I know this. If you see the level of suffering of animals I have seen, you would agree with me that animals can writhe in agony – can become catatonically depressed over the theft of their calf in a feed lot before it even had the chance to nurse it (as is customarily done in the dairy and beef industries) — they can mourn as much if not more than humans and in many, MANY cases they are smarter than a lot of people I know.

    Who are you to label me as an animal rightist anyway? I take offense to this; rather you could say that I have an Anti-Suffering Agenda and there is nothing wrong with that my friend. You have no idea who I am so how can you comment on what I support and what I do not support other than that I support animals? I attended medical school and I saw that there are subpopulations in severe need – namely the elderly, the young and the disabled – but I switched to vet school because I realized that even these populations have MANY more advocates than animals _ever_ will have.

    You say we get more upset over suffering animals than suffering children but I beg to differ: have you ever * once * seen anyone pull over to the side of the road to assist, or simply kill/shoot/cervically dislocate to put out of misery, a deer, a raccoon, a dog, a cat hit by a cat, writhing in agony? I’d be shocked if the answer is yes. Would anyone ever pass a child just hit by a car, also writhing in agony and bleeding out and NOT help? Very, very few people. Enough said. And in fact the law protects people in need — the asinine Animal Welfare Act does nothing to protect animals. Did you know that there is not one law that protects and prevents the suffering of 99% of the animals in the US — that is, farm animals? That’s right, farmers can do pretty much whatever they please to them from birth to death in their miserable, short, sad lives including partaking in torture, violence and even bestiality. Yes, that is totally legal in some states.

    Perhaps you should reconsider the comment…”why is the media focusing on this Michael Vick issue?” — from the comments to your post hopefully you now see that the majority of people care about this issue and not the minority and maybe the media senses this and thats why the case got attention.

    And don’t you dare label me as just an crazy animal extremist. I worked in a hospice and I held human patients as they have expelled their last breaths. I worked with pregnant drug addicts, in a detox center, along with a social worker, to help find some stable ground for these women in a bad situation. Just because I am compassionate towards animals DOES NOT take away my compassion for humans because in fact, let me remind you, that humans are in fact (GASP!) just a tiny subset of the animal kingdom my friend. So it all comes down to respecting life in general and of course the Sudanese need our help and our attention and our action but so do the chickens being slammed against walls and flung around like kites, with their eyes popping out from the force, then being boiled while still alive to get the feathers off, only then to be served up in your next KFC order.

    You bring up some very interesting points yourself. I mean you no disrespect but please, if you are going to post your comments on a public blog you should expect debate on them — and I only mean to make you think twice about some ideas just like you have made me re-assess my own.

    . I in no way intimated that you are involved or support dogfighting.


  8. Yeah Marcys, because we all know, Iraq, Darfur, Palestine, Katrina, education and health care for US children, and immigration, among other things is less important than Michael Vick, Hillary’s bossom, Britney, Paris, or Lindsay….:)


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