This Week on “The American Muslim” June 19 and 21…

This week I plan to tackle issues of great concern to me like who represents Islam in reality versus perception and why as well as interfaith dialogue and the possibility of peace between religions, especially Christianity and Islam.

On Tuesday nights show I plan to discuss Islam and who represents it, I plan to attack the accusations about what “true Islam” is and who is displaying such in this day and age.  Of course, I’m going to cover the media perpetuation of stereotypes and their roles, as well as share some “interesting” statistics that many of you may not know…

On Thursday’s show, I have a special treat for my “fans” and those who have been following me and want to know just a little more about me and whether or not my stories about my background are in fact true.  My special guest will be my Grandfather a Christian Pastor of about 50 years, who will be on to discuss issues of race, religion, and politics, and probably air my dirty laundry.  Good thing it’s radio, that way I don’t have to worry about embarrassing baby photos.  I’m certain my Grandmother might chime in too, but I’m nervous about that.

Finally, I locked in a time and will forever be on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 10 pm ET.  I will take your questions and comments as always as I am always interested in hearing your ideas and suggestions.

Right now, I’m still considering the co-host spot and all I have are a devoted Atheist and a great Muslimah I know who can’t make up her mind….yet…:)

To listen to the show live or the archives go to my main page “” there you can reach the show page as well as contact me and join the message board.




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