Tonight on “The American Muslim” Radio…6/5/07

Well, nothing actually, blogtalkradio called me personally to ask if I would move my time or not host tonight to make room for political debate (i.e. republican debates tonight) and I did, since I really didn’t have anything lined up and could use a day off.

I’m still trying to see where this is going, I haven’t quite figured out why my blog readership hasn’t translated into radio listenership, but I guess I have to work on my content.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My upcoming plans for shows are as follows:

  • Guests to talk about Darfur and what we can do to help.
  • Republican/Democratic/Independent debate, with me as moderator (of course)
  • Open religious debate, with me moderating.
  • Open challenge and debate between me and so-called Muslim extremists on Islam and the concept of Women in Islam, Jihad, Apostates, and non-Muslims.
  • More Muslim women guests and authors to discuss women in Islam
  • The “convert” show discussing Muslim converts and how they came to Islam and why.
  • And much, much, more…

This show can only be as great as you guys help make it, so please participate, also, The American Muslim website: is almost finished and I do have some things up now including a message board so feel free to join in there.  I’m also attempting to affiliate with or TAM as they are a great site with awesome articles and work.  My site is primarily a portal for discussion including my show, blog, and msg board, and theirs is filled with information, articles, and other great things.  There is no overlap or competition and I am in contact with them for the record.

So the show will be back Thursday night June 7th and 9pm ET God willing, and my topic is TBD.  After the next couple of shows I may return to the 10pm ET timeslot depending on my responses and reception to the 9pm ET time frame.

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening!

As Salaam Alaikum


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