A Princess died and somehow I missed it!

Yolanda King, seen here in 2006, died Wednesday at age 51. Family members think it may have been related to a heart problem.

I’m of course referring to the untimely death of Ms. Yolanda King, the daughter of slain civil rights era icon Dr. Martin Luther King.  Somehow I missed the news of her passing Tuesday.  I’m not sure if it was reported on the “major” news outlets or not, but I know the Rev. Jerry Falwell had a full page spread on CNN Tuesday when he died! 

Personally, I feel he should have gotten a footnote at the very bottom of the page at best, Ms. King should have gotten the major news section of the site!  I say this because Ms. King along with her family of course, sacrificed all their lives and have been fighting for racial equality, civil rights, and most importantly: Justice.

Now, I’m not pretending that the King children were/are replica’s of either their father or mother, but in their own ways all of them especially Ms. Yolanda King did bear the cross to some degree.  On the other hand, the major news about the passing of Rev. Falwell just seems a “little” un-even handed.  I’m certain that maybe this guy has done some good to some people, but for the most part outside of his community of “evangelicals” he has been nothing but a divisive figure, who looked down his self-righteous nose, to condemn any who don’t believe like him, act like him, etc.  If one was to critically analyze Christianity and wanted to ascertain the meaning of Christianity and only had these two figures as examples….if one had to choose the best representative of Christianity, the award would go to Ms. King hands down!

But of course that’s just my opinion…..

On another note:  Both of these leaders in their own right died suddenly because of heart issues.  Let this be a reminder that: A: Life is short, so get your spiritual and physical house in order.  B:  Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today, we all should (including me) put things in place and do things that are best for our hearts, health, and general well being.

P.S.  I know this doesn’t have anything to do with my post, however I just want to say the Melinda Doolittle was cheated last night on American Idol.  She was the most consistent and best singer this season and while I do like Blake Lewis, I’m certain even he knew that last night should have been the end of the road for him!!!  But then again I didn’t vote this season, so take my rant with a grain of salt!


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  1. To be fair, AOL news had her death posted on their website all day, and then followed the story the next day with the reactions from the family and revealed the believed cause of death. Yeah, AOL isn’t a huge media source that people rely on, but if you think about all the people who use AOL email services, a good majority of people worldwide knew of her passing. I knew the morning it happened and I will admit that I felt a sting of sadness go through my heart. This stinging sensation could be considered a stabbing if you compare it to the pain that I felt when I heard that Jerry died. Oh well. Now I have been taught that one should not speak badly of the deceased, but in Jerry’s case who really cares(besides CNN and FOX News). I mean according to him, we are the reason why God allowed September 11th to take place. Us and our progressive thoughts. Damn us!! I won’t go into much detail as to what I think of him and his “christian” beliefs because, quite frankly, he doesn’t deserve more than 3 minutes of my time; I will say that maybe having one less self-rigteous, self-serving evangalist in the world isn’t nessasarily a bad thing. I think that Telletubbies around the globe, especially ones with purple upside down triangles atop thier heads, will agree with me.


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