Racism alive and well in America

It should be of no surprise to many that have been following the Obama campaign, but as we now know Sen Obama has been placed under Secret Service protection as reported by many news agencies including USA Today.

What should also be of no surprise is why.  Why is it that a black candidate running for President of the United States of America need Secret Service protection before he is even nominated by his party or if he is even nominated by his party?  Why is it that similar actions weren’t taken when people like Rev. Al Sharpton or Carol Moseley Braun ran for President in 2004?

Well here is my opinion….

White Supremacists are scared to death!!!  So scared that they must feel or know something we don’t.  They are so fearful that a black man may actually get elected that they are willing to threaten this man’s life even before or if he is nominated.  The strange irony is that a sizable amount of blacks aren’t even that sure, but I digress…

The main reason IMHO is that Sen Obama is a serious candidate and truly a hopeful for President in 2008, unlike those who campaigned in 2004, nothing against their attempts, many didn’t feel that either would ever seriously get nominated, although I personally feel the Rev. won every primary debate, but that’s another issue.

What is it about Obama that has America’s backward so scared?  I mean, since this guy has come on the scene the book has been thrown at him, from being a “closet Muslim”, to having “a Jew hating name”, to even not being “black enough”.  For the latter accusers many in my community, I think that what’s happening is a clear indicator that apparently somebody thinks Obama is black enough.

Now I know there are many bloggers who have or are typing at this very moment that this may be a political stunt.  That maybe Obama is doing this to invoke sympathy, what I say to them is:  Prove it!

Explain to me why Secret Service protection would be granted to a person who doesn’t even have a party nomination.  Apparently somebody within the Secret Service thinks that there is significant reason to protect Obama.

And we all know that reason…

What we like to pretend in America is that racism is dead, that Jim Crow was something centuries ago, along with slavery, lynchings, etc. etc.  We are mortified when we learn that 92 yr old women are shot at 39 times in Georgia, handcuffed with a shot wound in the chest, and had drugs planted on her in the attempted cover up.  We want to believe that the words coming out of the mouths of the likes of “Kramer”, police brutality, racial profiling, flying while Muslim, etc. etc. are isolated incidents.

Our problem in America is that we have self imposed amnesia about our racist past, present, and future (if we don’t act).  This amnesia allows us to be open hypocrites calling for wars on terrorism around the globe or justifying abuses of privacy at home, yet ignoring the fact that people of color in America have been terrorized here at home for centuries and even today.  Imams are locked up or detained if they call the war illegal and we call that supporting terrorism, but the KKK and other white supremacist groups can openly incite violence against minorities and we call it freedom of speech.

America’s old enemy is ourself.  In our self-righteous declaration against others, we seem to forget we are guilty of the same exact crimes against humanity.

By acting as if we don’t have these problems of race in America we allow a situation where a candidate for President has to seek protection because of fear of his life from fellow citizens whom he hopes to represent.

What really pisses me off is that groups like the Nation of Islam have been singled out in the media as racists and hate groups, yet never have you ever heard these groups advocate the death of whites.  In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any website or statement from black nationalist groups that advocate such, now go to some of the “white” websites and if it’s not blacks, it’s Muslims in general, Hispanics, gays, Jews, etc. etc. etc. but how often are these groups singled out in the media?

Maybe it’s just me but this “fair and balanced” coverage bears witness to the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  I mean we actually have people attempt to blind us with this idea about how far we have come as if blacks weren’t getting dogs sent out against them, beat in the streets or firehouses, not even 40 years ago!

We act as if there aren’t groups actively protesting against a Bill to have the nerve to suggest that beating up a gay person or worse is a hate crime, we act as if you can’t go to a detention area in the airport today and not see a room full of Muslims with screaming babies and children who sit for hours on end “delayed”.  Read some of these blogs, watch some of this television, it’s right in the open, and yet we are shocked that Obama needs Secret Service Security.

Not only does he need security, but we need to actively hunt down and erradicate the cause for such a need.


One Comment

  1. Of course racism isn’t dead in America.

    Obama was apparently the target of racist comments (threats?) on one or more white supremacist websites.* He attracts large crowds. Both are factors in his being given the Secret Service protection he requested. Think about it, though. Who would have had the nerve to deny him Secret Service protection once he asked for it?

    Is the Nation of Islam racist? Maybe. You tell me. Does the Nation of Islam defend the actions of anyone merely because the person is Black? Does it go after people (such as the Duke lacrosse team members) merely because they are white?

    To the extent that it does either of those, then it is racist. And, to the extent that NOI continues its rapprochement with the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, it invites charges that it is racist. Why? Because I have no doubt that the NBPP is racist.

    Do you argue that there are no black racist demagogues? If so, you are beyond my ability to reason with.

    “Flying while Muslim”? “Imams are locked up or detained”? “The KKK and other white supremacist groups can openly incite violence against minorities and we call it freedom of speech”?* “You can’t go to a detention area in the airport today and not see a room full of Muslims with screaming babies and children who sit for hours on end ‘delayed’”?

    If you can’t provide concrete proof — specific instances, not generalities — for each and every one of those, why shouldn’t your comments be taken as whining?


    * If someone calls for violence against others but lacks the wherewithal to carry out the threat, the person’s speech is protected speech. Not so if the person has the means to carry out the threat.


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