Tonight on the American Muslim…4/10/2007

Tonight’s my first Tuesday show. So now I’m going to be running my mouth twice a week with appearances on other shows as well. That’s right, believe it or not, but some out there actually want to hear what I have to say. As always the show kicks off at 10pm ET and tonight I plan to talk about various things, my actual show notes that I wrote say that I’m supposed to stick to the script and the title tonight is:

Pelosi in Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Nappy Headed Ho’s…..I know…..


Was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s actions in Syria wrong, What is Iran up to…really?, Al-Sadr is at it again, and Nappy Headed Ho’s and the State of Race in America.

My actual show notes: Tonight is my first Tuesday show and there’s alot to talk about, what isn’t going on in the world? Pelosi is slammed for visiting Syria, some says she violates the Logan Act, Iran held then released 15 British troops, Al-Sadr back in the picture calling for an escalation in violence in Iraq, and Don Imus puts his foot in his mouth….again….As always taking your calls and leaving the door open for anything goes questions you have been dying to ask a Muslim.

This is what I put on the site, but those who know me know that I may stray off the topic…however, these are interesting times and situations, I doubt I will be able to think of other subjects when these are so good!

Any who, please listen and support your friendly neighborhood American Muslim 🙂

Don’t forget my show is located at:

10pm ET call in (646) 652-2599 or IM me at theamericanmuslim on Yahoo IM


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