On the American Muslim….3/29/07…..

Tonight was an awesome show!  I didn’t really get to get into too much of my usual craziness, however, Masha’Allah!  Allah (swt) was definitely in control tonight, I got to cover interfaith issues with a good friend and Christian Pastor, I call respectfully Brother Bruce.  We talked about the ongoing Vatican dialogue about Islam and how in this 43 years of history and official recognizing and fellowship with Muslims, the Vatican may have laid the foundation for what we as Muslims, Christians, and Jews should be doing in the name of God and Peace.  I haven’t decided on next weeks show as of yet, but I really want to do a women in Islam show and cover some common misconceptions and falsehoods about Islam and reply to these accusations.   Be sure to catch me Thursday nights at 10pm ET, my shows are online and archived, so you can always go back and listen to past shows, also feel free to call in.

Peace and Blessings

For those who listened to the show, the links to the articles I read from tonight are below:

Vatican Council and Papal Statements on Islam

UK Muslim Joins Church for Harmony

Egyptian Christians Defend Headscarf

Tuskegee Airmen honored for World War II Acheivements




  1. muslims are the new nazis

    muhammad was rapist, murderer, warmonger, slave driver, robber baron, blackmailer, racist and all round piece of trash

    may pork be upon his grave and may pork be upon you

    pork is good


  2. May the people of Abraham, come together and stand up to the ignorance, fear and hatred in the world stand together or most assuredly we will become victim to just this as we see above. May our God protect us all from this. Tawodi


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