My comments about 24 thus far….

At this point, I can’t help but feel a “little” vindicated about my commentary against the naysayers about 24 and their portrayal of Muslims this season.  I was convinced based on the diversity of Muslim characters as well as actually having watched all seasons thus far, that Fox was being diverse in their portrayal and wasn’t attacking Muslims.  I believed then and now that the Muslims that did come out complaining were off base and really protesting a non-issue.  In fact, this season thus far, has actually been very pro-Muslim in the way it addresses the issues that effect Muslims, especially in America.

24 oddly, in my opinion has been more political this season in how it addresses the many variations and diversity in the Muslim community.  For instance last episode: 7pm to 8pm, The character Nadia Yassir has been accused of helping terrorists, and the main reason for the assumption was based on the fact that she’s a Muslim.  This has been one of our communities greatest arguments and 24 is actually dealing with this issue.

My point without going too in-depth, is that instead of being so quick to condemn a show like 24, we should use our reason and patience to see what the show is really all about.  When we use our zeal and are too hasty in our words without knowledge, we lose and miss the way.  Case in point is 24.  As Muslims we should actually praise the show for addressing issues that are near and dear to us.  24 is watched by millions of Americans, many for the first time are now getting an idea of what its like being a Muslim in America, and the difficulty that presents.  We have to get to a point where we admit that Muslims are not all peace loving followers of the Prophet (saw), some of us are very un-Islamic, some of us are terrorist killers that kill Muslims and non-Muslims without conscience, there are also some of us that are patriotic citizens who mind our business, who work for this country, and are loyal Americans.  24 has thus far presented many of these differences in a way that we should appreciate not condemn.

I pray that on some level 24 teaches us a lesson.  Look at the Muslims who wrote op-eds, blogged, or went on TV complaining about this show, many of you look foolish now, especially in the eyes of non-Muslims.  I hope we learn from this experience not to always act out of haste and utilize patience.  Besides, there are much bigger fish to fry anyway.  I read a post on a non-Muslim msg board that said “Im waiting for those in the (religion of peace) to protest against terrorists and those whom they say have hijacked their religion”, they are watching us brothers and sisters, what are we going to do about it?

Are we going to continue protesting TV shows, articles, movies, etc.  or are we going to use that energy and zeal to protest those who commit Satanic acts in our name, Islam, and the name of Allah (swt)?  How can we expect non-Muslims to believe us and our intentions, when we turn the blind eye or voice to these fanatics that call themselves Muslim?

Just my 2 or 3 cents….


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